30 By 30


Today’s my birthday, and I turned the big 2-9., which means that next year comes the big

I decided to make a list of 30 things I’d like to tackle in the kitchen before I hit the ripe old age of 30.  I totally ripped this idea off Kelsey; I just chose to complete it prior to hitting 30,  rather than the year I turned 30.

Many of these are things I’ve  been wanting to make for ages, but just haven’t gotten to.  Not all of these ideas are challenging.  In fact, many really aren’t.   Sure, some I consider to be a bit complex or time consuming, which may be why I haven’t tackled them yet (here’s lookin’ at you, cassoulet).  Some of them are things I enjoy and are easy to make, but I’ve never made them myself (croque monsieur).  Others I’ve made, but either never perfected or never blogged (scalloped potatoes, quiche).  Of course there’s the bread/dough recipes, which I vow to make more of every new year (and never do).

And nearly all of them are fattening.

Wish me luck! And if you have a favorite recipe for anything on this list, please share! As I make the items on the list, I will link them to my post.

30 by 30

  1. Bagels
  2. Focaccia
  3. Pizza dough
  4. Pâte à choux (in the form of Gougéres)
  5. Onion jam
  6. Ceviche
  7. Queso Fundido
  8. Pozole
  9. Gumbo
  10. Albóndigas
  11. Fried chicken
  12. Beef Wellington
  13. Fettuccine Alfredo
  14. Osso Buco
  15. Cassoulet
  16. Something with beurre blanc
  17. Scalloped potatoes or gratin/dauphinois potatoes
  18. Spaetzle
  19. Gnocchi
  20. Croque Monsieur
  21. Quiche
  22. Iced/frosted sugar cookies
  23. Amygdalota (Greek almond cookies)
  24. Tres leches cake
  25. Cassata cake
  26. Pantespani or Ravani (Greek sponge/syrup cakes)
  27. Key lime pie
  28. Double-crusted pie
  29. Sticky toffee pudding
  30. Kok (Greek pastry with creme filling and ganache)

30 By 30