30 by 30: Queso Fundido


There’s not much to dislike about queso fundido.  Bubbly, melty cheese, spicy chorizo, and earthy, roasted poblanos.  I guess there is, in fact, nothing, to dislike about queso fundido.

I love ordering this as an appetizer in Mexican restaurants, but I’ve never made it myself, which is why I decided it would be perfect 30 by 30 territory.  It’s certainly nothing fancy or difficult, but it’s so tasty and quick.  Wrapped with in some warmed tortillas, you have a fabulous snack or appetizer, or even a meal.

I didn’t use exact measurements for the recipe since I was only making it for the two of us.  I definitely used more chorizo, proportionately, but that was A-OK with us.  I may have overbrowned it, though (shhh).

This was delicious, of course.  Although I know I’ll make it again, I have to hope it’s not *too* often because I show no restraint when it comes to queso fundido…and it’s not exactly the lightest recipe.

Since I didn’t use precise measurements and the recipe that inspired me did, here’s the link to the recipe from The Homesick Texan.

30 by 30: Queso Fundido

  • Elly, this is making me drool like crazy. I think it’s time for a queso fundido party.

  • Melted cheese with chorizo and roasted poblanos sound so good!

  • Not sure if I could show restraint either Elly.

  • This is a guilty pleasure for sure. I’ve had it in restaurants and made it at home but never incorporated the poblanos (just chorizo and cheese). I think it’s a good idea. So is scallions.

  • Oohh! This looks like something that I wouldn’t be able to show restraint with either…

  • Droool, Elly! This looks so good! Perfect party food!

  • Arpo

    What are the green bits…I didn’t see anything veggie in the recipe? Collard greens, perhaps?

    • elly