30 By 30: Key Lime Pie


I’ve always been a sucker for lime anything.  Key lime pie, marinades, candy, popsicles (Fla-vor-Ice, obviously!).  I think I inherited this particular taste preference from my dad, who once wrote to Life Savers telling them they should make a roll of strictly lime Life Savers, like they do with wild cherry ones.  Sadly, that never happened.  But if anyone from Wrigley is reading this blog…

Key lime pie is one of those things that, while incredibly simple to make, was added to my 30 By 30 List because I’d never made it.  With a graham cracker crust & smooth tart filling, how could you not like this and want to make it?

This recipe came together in no time and tasted great.  I completely forgot to garnish the pie with additional lime zest, but thankfully since there was already lime zest in the filling, it still tasted great.  Neither my husband nor I are big whipped cream people (I know, right?), so I only whipped a cup of cream (the original recipe calls for 1.5 cups), and served it on the side for people who are less strange than Tom and I.  I think 1 cup is enough, though, even if everyone likes a healthy dose on their pie.

30 By 30: Key Lime Pie

13 thoughts on “30 By 30: Key Lime Pie

    1. Hi Kara – I usually get around 1-2T per lime, so probably about 8-10, but I’d buy 15 to be on the safe side (plus you can always use the extras for garnish).

    1. I can’t really remember, but I want to say around 8-10 since they are usually around 1T per lime. You should get extras though, just in case.

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