30 by 30: Gratin Dauphinoise


I have a love affair with gratin dauphinoise.  I suspect most people do, too, because what’s not to love about potatoes enrobed in cream and gruyere?  It is very, very rare for me to indulge in a dish such as this one (at least home), but I guess indulgence is part of turning 30 soon. 🙂

When I added these potatoes to my 30 by 30 list, I already knew I’d be heading to my Anthony Bourdain cookbook for the recipe.  I halved the recipe—a recipe which is supposed to serve 4—but still ended up with 4 servings.  So unless you plan on eating a whole lot o’ potatoes, I think you’ll find the version below makes 4 more than adequate servings.

This dish is unsurprisingly delicious.  I honestly can’t remember what main dish we had these with because, really, who cares?  This gratin was the star of dinner that night.

30 by 30: Gratin Dauphinoise

  • Erin

    This looks amazing! I’ll have to add it to my list because I know my husband would go crazy over it!

  • I’m like you…the star is definitely the cream and cheese in this dish. It screams comfort food!

  • We know how much I adore all things potato.

  • This gratin would definitely overshadow any main dish for me too! I love potatoes prepared this way.

  • Gruyere is really a special cheese and this looks delicious. I’d be picking the cheese off the sides.

    P.S. Thanks for recommendation of Ratio. It arrived today.

  • bananawonder

    Truly decadent and worthy of a “main meal” no doubt. I just wish I could pronounce “Dauphinoise”

  • Man o man these look awesome!!!

  • There is positively nothing rotten about potatoes au gratin, er, dauphinoise.

    Hubby and I went out to dinner a couple nights ago (review on my blog) and they had a side dish that was similar to potatoes au gratin but creamy on the inside and cheesy on top with just a mere whisper of Jalepeno. Hey, we’re in the Southwest, whaddaya expect? *smile*

  • Jackie


    I just want you to know, I made this dish for Thanksgiving and everybody including me loved this dish, I was kind of skeptical about making this dish because I really did not have a whole lot of time to trail test it first before serving it for Thanksgiving, but I took a chance on it because it looked so good and I’m really glad I did, it was delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will be making this dish more often.

    • I’m so glad everyone liked the dish, Jackie! What a great addition to the Thanksgiving spread.

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