30 by 30: Gratin Dauphinoise


I have a love affair with gratin dauphinoise.  I suspect most people do, too, because what’s not to love about potatoes enrobed in cream and gruyere?  It is very, very rare for me to indulge in a dish such as this one (at least home), but I guess indulgence is part of turning 30 soon. 🙂

When I added these potatoes to my 30 by 30 list, I already knew I’d be heading to my Anthony Bourdain cookbook for the recipe.  I halved the recipe—a recipe which is supposed to serve 4—but still ended up with 4 servings.  So unless you plan on eating a whole lot o’ potatoes, I think you’ll find the version below makes 4 more than adequate servings.

This dish is unsurprisingly delicious.  I honestly can’t remember what main dish we had these with because, really, who cares?  This gratin was the star of dinner that night.

30 by 30: Gratin Dauphinoise

12 thoughts on “30 by 30: Gratin Dauphinoise

  1. Gruyere is really a special cheese and this looks delicious. I’d be picking the cheese off the sides.

    P.S. Thanks for recommendation of Ratio. It arrived today.

  2. There is positively nothing rotten about potatoes au gratin, er, dauphinoise.

    Hubby and I went out to dinner a couple nights ago (review on my blog) and they had a side dish that was similar to potatoes au gratin but creamy on the inside and cheesy on top with just a mere whisper of Jalepeno. Hey, we’re in the Southwest, whaddaya expect? *smile*

  3. Hi

    I just want you to know, I made this dish for Thanksgiving and everybody including me loved this dish, I was kind of skeptical about making this dish because I really did not have a whole lot of time to trail test it first before serving it for Thanksgiving, but I took a chance on it because it looked so good and I’m really glad I did, it was delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will be making this dish more often.

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