Tomato Soup with Chicken Pesto Meatballs and Pasta


I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like tomato soup (more than once, apparently. I guess you’re prone to repetition when blogging for 8 years). It’s because I like more substance to my soups (especially because we do often eat them as a meal) and though I adore tomatoes, I don’t really like very concentrated tomato-based soups. They are a bit too tomato-y for me, if you will.

But this soup, I knew I would like. The tomatoes didn’t seem quite as prevalent, and clearly with both meatballs and pasta, this soup is pretty hearty. Bridget said the meatballs and pasta almost put this in the Spaghettios category and I would probably agree, but I’ve literally had Spaghettios only once in my life, in college, so I’m not really experienced enough to make that comparison (let’s be real, though, we all know this is way better).

Everyone really loved this soup. Ian finished his before I even had like 3 bites of my salad down, and then continued to grope me with tomato-sauced fingers asking for more until I got him some. (One day, dinners will be a little more…relaxing, right?).

I did increase the amount of broth, not only because of my preference for broth to more tomatoes, but because I made this a day before we were going to eat it, and I knew the ditalini would continue to soak up the liquid overnight. I wanted it to stay a soup, and not…well, a pasta dish.

Now, tell me, what are your favorite soups? Because soups are my FAVORITE thing to make, and once the first one is out of the way (okay, okay, we’ve already had two…), there’s no stopping me.


Tomato Soup with Chicken Pesto Meatballs and Pasta