44-Clove Garlic Soup



Sometimes, I wonder if my taste buds have developed an immunity to garlic because I eat it so often. I always tend to double the amount of garlic in a recipe and I find that “too garlicky” is not a phrase in my lexicon (much like “too sweet”). I’ve been meaning to make this soup for ages because it’s pretty much pure garlic. In two forms! About half the garlic is roasted, giving it a mellow, sweet flavor, and the rest is quickly sauteed and then simmered with the stock to make a slightly more noticeable garlic flavor but nothing overwhelming. I know that 44 cloves of garlic sounds like a whole lot for one little batch of soup, but trust me on this.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of soup without some…stuff…in it (which is why I’ve never warmed to tomato soup). It stands to reason that this wouldn’t really be my thing, but since I love garlic—especially roasted—so much, I knew I’d like this soup. And I was right (as I always am. Ahem.) As an added bonus, because there are no carbs in this soup, you can pair it with a super cheesy & delicious panini, which I always want to do when I eat soups but typically avoid since the soup tends to already have pasta or potatoes or croutons or what have you.

Tom liked this recipe so much that when he went grocery shopping the following week, he asked what ingredients he needed to make it himself (of course, he didn’t actually go through with it but, you know, it still says something).

I made this soup up to the point of blending it, but then I refrigerated it. The next day, I just heated it on the stove, added the cream, and it was ready to go. The soup is easy enough to make (incredibly easy, actually), but since the garlic  needs time to roast, making it in full on a weeknight isn’t really feasible for us. Soups, thankfully, are great as leftovers or when they’ve been sitting, so this is a perfect make-ahead recipe if you want to enjoy it on a weeknight.

44-Clove Garlic Soup