Chicken Shawarma

June 29, 2010 · 15 comments

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I’ve been making chicken shawarma for years but the recipe that originally appeared in my blog was not a recipe at all.  It was “a pinch of this” and “a little of this,” which is all well and good for me, but probably not all that helpful to most readers.  I’ve since revamped the ingredient list a bit, too, and wanted to highlight it since it’s really one of my favorite things. (Unfortunately I didn’t realize until looking at the pics that I accidentally used a flash. Oops.)

I prefer making this with chicken thighs because they taste richer and are much juicier.  But, you can certainly use chicken breasts, which I’ve also done many times (particularly when I’m making this as a topping for a salad).   Whenever there is yogurt in a marinade, it’s a pretty good sign that the meat will be very tender, and with all these delicious spices, it’ll taste great on any cut of meat!

I usually make this with tahini-yogurt sauce and serve it in pitas, but this time we had it with some fattoush salad and grilled pitas with hummus.

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