Welcome to another installment of “Things Elly Didn’t Used to Like but Kept Trying Until She Did.”

Chapter 6: Hummus.

Don’t get me wrong – I never hated it, or anything of the sort.  I was just never that crazy about it.  Despite my affinity for beans (another food I didn’t enjoy until later in life), I’ve never really taken to the garbanzo. I can’t tell you how much I wish I loved hummus. Who doesn’t love it?  No one I associate with, that’s for sure.  I grew up in an area with a very large Arabic population, and I’m surprised our school lunches didn’t come with a side of hummus. It’s incredibly healthy, especially when you are pairing it with something like vegetables.   And it’s always the appetizer people want, so I go along with it, but wish we’d ordered something else.  I try a little bit and am usually pretty underwhelmed.

After trying hummus over and over again I realized I liked it most when it had a decent amount of sesame and garlic flavor to it (which makes sense, since I’m just lukewarm on the garbanzo). It’s not that this doesn’t taste like chick peas – of course it does – but I just think the sesame flavor comes through maybe a tad more than your standard hummus.  I do use a Middle Eastern brand of tahini, which seems a tad stronger than the kind in the regular grocery store, but it just may be a coincidence.

We ate this with chicken shawarma and also on its own with some pita I lightly oiled and stuck under the broiler.

I’m happy to take hummus off my Do Not Like list. 🙂