I first posted fattoush on this blog over 5 years ago, but it needed an update (both the pic and the directions – because there were no directions, apparently). It’s one of our favorites and has practically become a weekly staple with this brutal weather we’ve been experiencing. We’d actually be having it again tomorrow, except I ran out of tomatoes.

Fattoush is a Lebanese/Middle Eastern salad made with vegetables and pita pieces. Often the pita is fried, but I healthify this by baking whole wheat pitas (which are just as crispy).  The salad is very tart and citrusy, from the use of both lemon and sumac. I’m a big fan of lemon, so it’s no surprise this is one of my favorite salads.

Typically, we turn this into a main dish with the addition of some grilled chicken. More often than not, I use the same marinade recipe I do for shawarma, but even just a simply seasoned chicken breast is fine, since the salad itself is packed with flavor. Oh, and a little feta cheese on top never hurt anyone.

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