Swedish Meatballs


I held off on posting this for a little bit because I figured you guys were MEATBALLED OUT. But then some time passed, and last week we ¬†had fall-like weather—which I totally associate with Swedish meatballs for some reason—so I moved these up. And now it’s a million and a half degrees outside again!

I posted a Swedish meatball recipe way back in the day and there was nothing wrong with it; in fact, it was extremely similar to the version I’m posting below. It just needed a slight facelift and a new picture since it was 9 years old and all. Sometimes even *I* forget I have a pretty deep archive, so it’s a good reminder to myself, too, that we should really eat more Swedish meatballs. ūüôā

I’ve always loved Swedish meatballs. I think that hint of allspice just reminds me of the warm spices Greeks use to cook meat, so it makes sense. And nutmeg just makes everything better. Add to that a slightly creamy sauce and egg noodles (which, really, are the best kind of noodles) and I’m a pretty happy camper—as are the other members of¬†my family.

Swedish Meatballs

4 thoughts on “Swedish Meatballs

  1. I need to take a cue from you and go back and remake some of the recipes in my archives when I have no idea what to make for dinner. There are some goodies hidden back there!

  2. I’ve had these meatballs bookmarked for five years and finally got to make ’em — so, so good! I hope no one else waits on this recipe.

    We used the evaporated milk substitution with great success.

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