Zucchini-wrapped Lamb Kabobs



I feel like we eat a lot of meatballs. Or meatball-like things. This may be something that comes with the territory of having kids, I guess? Kids love meatballs, or at least mine do. I mean, if you look at the first page of this blog alone, there are 3 meatball or meatball-like recipes on it. Four if you count burgers, which are kind of like giant meatballs. OK, I’ve typed the word “meatball” enough for at least a week.

Anyway, I know I told you recently that I have a crush on Lidia Bastianich and I have to tell you that I’ve been two-timing her with Yotam Ottolenghi. Though I’ve only blogged one of his other recipes, I have made several and they’ve all been faaaaaaaaaabulous. This one is no different.

These meatball-like (damn, I did it again) bites are extremely similar to kafta, but with the added goodness of feta, pine nuts, and zucchini. These were a HUGE hit with the whole family and even offered a way for me to get feta into Ian (seriously, what is with that kid not liking most cheeses, especially FETA?!). Though I didn’t do it this time, these would also be great with some yogurt sauce or labneh alongside (with the tomato sauce, I love them both together).  I also imagine these can be made entirely on the grill, but I know next to nothing about grilling, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. 🙂

Zucchini-wrapped Lamb Kabobs

4 thoughts on “Zucchini-wrapped Lamb Kabobs

  1. I do think meatballs are such kid friendly meals. And because they freeze well, we usually have some on hand for quick lunches/dinners.

  2. My husband also doesn’t like feta (and he’s 100% greek) so I’m not sure what’s up with that! He’ll eat it if it’s in things and i force him…but not really voluntarily. I have a feeling he would adore these meatballs though!

  3. I’ve been eyeing this recipe for ages, but I’m hesitant to make it because I don’t have a grill pan. Do you have any other suggestions to cook the zucchini? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Gwen, I’d just use a nonstick pan or cast iron. All the grill pan does is give you the nice lines. I actually kind of wish I didn’t have one because it just takes up space, hah!

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