Chicken Chili with Masa Harina Dumplings


I used to have a bag of masa harina in my cabinet at all times, but then when my last bag ran out, I kind of…forgot about it for a while. Recently, though, after randomly remembering my love for tamale pie, I reinstated the bag-in-the-pantry scenario. And it has been lovely.

Masa harina is so much fun to use (not to mention, delicious). It’s mostly simply used in making homemade corn tortillas, but it can be used in corn cakes, to thicken soups and chilis,  pancakes, muffins – whatever. It’s pretty versatile and adds that unmistakable corn/tortilla flavor to everything.

One of the first things I decided to make with my newer bag was dumplings. Because dumplings are basically cures for the winter blues. I’m pretty sure I read that in a science journal.

For the base of the chili, I essentially used this recipe but made it heartier by using more chicken (also, switching to thighs) and less broth. As for the masa dumplings, I already made them as part of a different recipe, so I used those.

This was a big hit with everyone, and I look forward to making it again (and again). The leftovers were also great (yes, the dumplings do get kind of soggy but that doesn’t bother me at all and my husband even remarked that “anything you make with masa is good but for some reason this leftover chili was really good.”)

Chicken Chili with Masa Harina Dumplings

5 thoughts on “Chicken Chili with Masa Harina Dumplings

  1. Oh my goodness. This looks like the perfect dinner solution on a cold day. My mom’s coming to visit soon and I am so making this for her and my sister. With margaritas, of course.

  2. Your “Best of 15” list has really inspired me. My fiancé cannot have beans…what do you think about a cup of farro (cooked separately then added at the end) in this instead?

    1. I think that would be fine, or you could always just reduce the liquid by a bit and skip them altogether, since there are already dumplings in the soup. Hominy could be good, too!

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