Sweet Summer Corn with Bacon and Balsamic Onions


A few weeks ago we picked up the kids from school and turned on the radio as we were pulling out of the lot. Within 3 seconds, I hear Zachary—yes, that’s right, the 4 year old—start whining/crying/moaning for no apparent reason. At first, I thought maybe he had pinched himself in his buckle or something similar, but no. When I asked him what was wrong, he cried, “I WANTED TO LISTEN TO ‘DANCE YRSELF CLEAN.'” That’s right. Not only am I supposed to understand his unspoken desires, but a life without LCD Soundsystem is not worth living.

Four year olds, guys. They are nuts, I’m telling you. We sailed by the “terrible twos” without any issues and thought perhaps we’d won the lottery but then the threes and fours hit and, whoa. These random fits come out of nowhere.

Case in point: recently, Z has decided that he doesn’t want his food to be mixed together. Fine, I will appease him for some stuff, like putting the rice on the side of stir fry instead of underneath it, or whatever. But I’m not going to deconstruct everything, especially when it’s all stuff he likes. So, when he asked what was on the stove and I told him corn mixed with bacon and balsamic, he started stomping his foot on the ground and shouting that he WANTED THE BACON ON THE SIDE. It was bad enough I was committing treason by cutting corn off the cob, but to mix it with other things? Clearly I was trying to ruin his life.

Usually he comes around within about 2 minutes because it’s not like he can NOT eat, since it’s his favorite thing to do. And then he asks for seconds and thirds, says he’s sorry for the fit because he should have tried it first, and typically proceeds to do the very same thing the following week.

So, like I said, he asked for multiple helpings of this, as did Ian. We already know that bacon, red onions, and balsamic go exceedingly well together, so it was no surprise that this dish was great. We had this alongside some roasted chicken (always another hit, pretty sure I am going to have to start buying 2 chickens the way these kids eat) and green beans and it was a great meal all around.

Sweet Summer Corn with Bacon and Balsamic Onions

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  2. I made this tonight and it was fantastic. My husband and I both loved it. I didn’t pour off any bacon fat (I used center cut bacon, though, so not quite as fatty) and cooked the onions in all the fat. Worked beautifully! I cooked the corn in the husk in the microwave before cutting it off the cob since I find that way minimizes the mess that can come from dealing with fresh corn. I just stirred everything together at the end to let the corn and bacon heat back up. YUM.

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