Bacon Burgers with Bacon-Onion-Balsamic Jam




Those three Bs are far superior to Dwight Schrute’s favorites: bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica (though my husband may disagree on the last one).

These burgers have been a long time coming. I drooled Homer Simpson style (twice) when Annie and Courtney first posted them, and then again when Josie did. They were just as good as I hoped. I mean, with an ingredient list like that, how could they not be?

These burgers have bacon in the jam, and directly in the burger, too.¬†I made these with grass fed beef, which tends to be much leaner, but the bacon in the burgers provides some added fat, which means they still came out nice and juicy. So, you know, if you want to save a calorie or two. ūüôā

I’ve mentioned before that I’m ¬†not the world’s ¬†biggest fan of onions, especially on a burger, but when they get really sweet from getting cooked down and then are doused with a hefty amount of balsamic, it’s hard to go wrong. I admit I was a bit hesitant about using red onion, since I pretty much never cook those and opt for vidalia instead, but they worked just perfectly.

Since burgers are by nature (almost) always better with cheese, I did add some smoked gouda to these, which was fabulous. It just added to the smoky, earthiness of these burgers.



Bacon Burgers with Bacon-Onion-Balsamic Jam