BBQ-rubbed pork tenderloin with corn risotto


We’ve established that I can sometimes be pretty hesitant when it comes to barbecue sauce. But barbecue dry rubs? I’m always down.

We don’t eat a lot of ribs and rarely make an entire pork shoulder or similarly large cut of meat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good dry rub. Pork tenderloin is always a winner in our house because it’s lean, cooks quickly, and is a good size.

I was debating what to pair with a bbq-rubbed tenderloin so I thought of the usual sides. Macaroni and cheese sounded great, but what I really wanted was some sweet summer corn. After all, you can eat mac and cheese year-round but corn this good only lasts so long! Eating corn straight off the cob is great, of course, but I decided to turn this into a risotto since I had a small amount of arborio rice to use up and my pantry is in a state of chaos, so I really need to, um, clear out.

The rub for the tenderloin is fantastic. And the corn risotto? Oh so good. Sweet, creamy, basically everything that is great about risotto and corn in one dish. Ian in particular went absolutely apeshit over this. Once again, I’m starting to think they’re going to have to get jobs by age 8 if we are expected to afford their food.

I took a pretty traditional approach to this risotto, but as everyone knows barbecued-rub stuff goes really well with cheese and beer, so I think a beer-cheese risotto would be a different but equally great spin on this dish. The nice thing about this dish is that the pork is roasted, so you can concentrate on the risotto. I also roasted green beans, so I didn’t even have to think about a vegetable side later. To get the timing right, you will want to sear the pork tenderloin, and then as soon as you stick it in the oven, start making the risotto. The cook and rest time will be right around the time the risotto is done, but you may want to do some prep before searing, like cutting the corn off the cob. I trimmed my green beans and threw them on a sheet pan so they would be ready to stick in the oven when I was about  halfway done with the risotto.



BBQ-rubbed pork tenderloin with corn risotto

8 thoughts on “BBQ-rubbed pork tenderloin with corn risotto

  1. I like barbeque sauce, but now that you mention it I am a bit hesitant too. I don’t want to overpower the flavor of the meat or fish. BUT rubs are a different story.
    I have never verbalized that before. What other aspects of my life can you clarify? Laughing here. The risotto is tons of summer fun. Pork is my favorite me, so I am a push over on that account.

  2. Had this tonight and it was wonderful! The pork was tender and tasty without an overpowering taste of the seasonings. I had a few leftover ears of corn so it was a wonderful way to use them. My husband really pigged out and was most happy. This will be a go to regular at our house.

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