Slowcooker Lamb and Stout Roast



I’ve had a lamb shoulder roast in my freezer from the good people at Lava Lake Lamb, but I kept finding myself short on time during the weekends to give it the slow-cooked treatment in the oven. This week, I finally  gave it the slow-cooked treatment – in the crockpot – so I didn’t have to be home while it got all tender and awesome and fabulous. Score!

The stout (you’ll notice I didn’t call this a Guinness roast because I actually didn’t use Guinness but Nitro) and lamb combo makes this pretty Irish (as Irish as a full-blooded Greek person and non-Irish stout get, anyway). So, this is obviously a great choice for St. Patrick’s Day (as is this shepherd’s pie), but it’s really good any time of year. It’s also highly adaptable and really you can use lamb, beef, a shoulder roast, stew meat, whatever. I wanted to stir in some peas at the end (I told you peas get added to a lot of our meals at the end!), but we were out.

Originally, I planned on making this a stew rather than a roast, so I started cutting the lamb off the bone. Then I realized, 1. I did not feel like doing this at 10:30 p.m.; 2. There is no way I’d be able to get ALL the meat off and I would be very sad to see any lamb lost and; 3. The bone will just add more flavor to the whole meal. So, I stopped cutting and ended up with a few random chunks of lamb and then the rest of the roast on the bone. 🙂 Much easier that way if you ask me, but obviously if you already have stew meat that will work here (without a bone, though, you will want to use only about 1.5 – 2 lbs. of meat).

Slowcooker Lamb and Stout Roast

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