Za’atar & Lemon Lamb Chops with Bulgur Risotto and a GIVEAWAY! {closed}


Since I’m Greek, it’s no surprise I love lamb. I grew up on it, eating it easily once a week (ah, the good ol’ days) and my love for it remains (though I now prefer it much less done than most Greeks :))

I’ve  had Lava Lake Lamb quite a few times in the past, and it’s always been great. Their lambs are grass fed and roam freely over tons of rangeland. Over the past couple of years, we’ve shifted to only purchasing organic/grass-fed and  humanely treated meats, which is important to us. The great thing about Lava Lake is that they ship the meat right to your door–plus, they now offer beef, too!

Lamb chops are high on my list of favorite types of lamb. A lot of times I make them in a way that is pretty typically Greek, with olive oil, lemon, and oregano. These are not vastly different, but I substituted za’atar for the oregano to give these a bit more of a Middle Eastern vibe. I thought feta risotto would be a great accompaniment, but decided to go with bulgur instead of rice, to further play on the Middle Eastern theme.

My husband was so excited about these that he kept looking at them in the fridge, both before and while they were being marinated. I was pretty excited about them myself, and for good reason. They were fabulous. Lamb chops are so quick and easy to cook, but they still feel very special, and can be elegant. We were big fans of this meal all around.

Before we get to this giveaway, just a reminder that the giveaway for the immersion blender ends tonight, so be sure to enter if you haven’t already.

And now, for the GIVEAWAY!

One reader will win a $50 gift card + free shipping from Lava Lake Lamb! Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite cut of lamb or beef, or your favorite lamb/beef dish.

Contest ends on Tuesday, December 18th at 11:59 p.m. CST. Be sure to include your email address (it will be visible to no one but me) so I can contact you if you win. Limit one entry per person.

By the way, the last day to place an order for Lava Lake to arrive by Christmas is December 17. Sign up for their newsletter, too, because there will be a lot of specials to make your $50 gift card stretch!

Disclaimer: Lava Lake supplied me with these lamb chops, and is also funding this giveaway. All opinions about the company and meat are my own.


Za’atar & Lemon Lamb Chops with Bulgur Risotto and a GIVEAWAY! {closed}

  • I have to say, if I ever eat meat again, lamb will certainly be the culprit that lured me in. Sounds like you’ve paired it with some great flavors here!!

  • I love your Middle Eastern vibe here but I am jealous you got to eat lamb way more than I did as a child. We only had it at Eastern and the occasional random times my dad would by a leg to roast (almost never). To this day, lamb is my favorite meat. Your bulgur feta risotto looks awesome, too!

  • To be honest, I’ve actually never tried lamb… I didn’t grow up eating it, and now I don’t know what kind to buy! I think this recipe sounds good – and not too intimidating for a first try!

  • Jessen

    Makloubeh is a dish I grew up eating with lamb neck. My favorite.

  • I love rack of lamb with an herb crust, cooked to barely medium rare. Yum!

  • Ha, well, I know nothing about lamb so I couldn’t tell you what my favorite cut is. And I’m pretty sure I’ve only had lamb once in my life – lamb stew on a visit to Dublin – but it was heavenly and I’d love to have lamb in my life again.

  • Samantha

    These sound so good…I love za’atar. My husband loooooves lamb, and we’re making his favorite braised lamb shanks with tomatoes and herbs for Christmas Eve dinner. I’ve been seraching for a risotto-like side to serve with them that doesn’t require the attention of risotto since I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen stirring while we have company – this bulgar-feta combo sounds perfect!

  • Chelai

    Herb Dijon Lamb. OMG! Its is divine. I learned to make it in a cooking class.

  • Anna M

    Oh boy! I don’t make lamb often because it’s expensive, but I would love to brase a couple of shanks or make delicious meatballs!! 🙂

  • Kristen

    Oh man what a fabulous giveaway! I would have to say at the moment my favorite lamb dish was one I had for my birthday dinner a few nights ago. it was rack of lamb in a yellow curry sauce. so good!

  • Urban Wife

    My favorite way to eat lamb is either kabob style or as shawarma. I tried both in Israel a few years ago and fell in love!

  • Kathryn

    I love rack of lamb. It is so tender and looks super fancy!

  • Joanna

    Ooh, I love lamb. All kinds – I don’t really have a favorite cut, I just love the flavor of the meat. We even served lamb chops at our wedding!

  • Katie D

    Lamb and I are not the best of friends, but I should give it another shot with one of your recipes! My favorite beef recipe would have to be the Weight Watchers marinated flank steak with scallions–cheap & easy…and of course I can’t find the link for it right now!

  • Rebekah C

    Bone in lamb chops. Nothing better!

  • Lucy

    My Mom’s lamb roast with lots of garlic , lemon and oregano !

  • Mia G

    My favorite lamb dish is easily youvetsi! But I also like a slow roasted leg of lamb with garlic and lots of lemon, oregano, and salt.

  • Sarah L

    My husband does a great yogurt-marinated grilled lamb roast.

  • sami

    Very cold (almost frozen) lamb chops over a super hot fire so it is a bit blackened but rare on the inside….drooling…..

  • I like Lamb Tenderloins and New york Strips. And I would give anything if I could make Lamb Gyros at home like at the fair.

  • Maresa

    Lamb chops are amazing!

  • vlora

    I love Lamb shank. I have never made it myself but have had it. to quote my daughter “we are carnivores” (she is 8 and loves ribs). her dad makes the best ribs ever, with ‘a secret sauce.’ 🙂

  • Jen Grimm

    I love a good leg of lamb!

  • Sonja Steinbrueck

    Growing up in Tarpon Springs I have to say I love lamb in gryos and souvakis the best!! I have never made it myself before but this dish looks fabulous. I may have to try 🙂

  • I have never eaten lamb but promise I will try it if I win.

  • Liz Blunt

    We love rack of lamb, coated with Dijon mustard & bread crumbs!! Yummy.

  • Ilene

    I love rack of lamb.

  • Kelsey

    When my boyfriend and I lived in New York City, our favorite grocery store sold ground lamb and we used to make the most delicious burgers with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Sadly, we can’t seem to find any that’s reasonably priced in LA so we haven’t made that in over a year!

  • Kate M

    That’s a tough question. I’d have to go with either braised lamb shank with risotto or a simple rib lamb chop au poivre.

  • My Mom used to make what she called Greek Style Lamb Stew. Delectable, tender chunks of lamb, onion, garlic, lemon, diced tomatoes, green beans, and just simmer it. The house smelled amazing. Elly, thanks for helping bring back that memory. I am a lamb lover! Merry Christmas

  • Tierney

    My husband love rack of lamb

  • Christine

    Lamb shank!!

  • I love lamb chops with balsamic glaze.

  • barbara n

    As a special treat my husband will cook me lamb chops, but I will eat any cut of lamb from lamb shanks to rack of lamb…..

  • christina

    lamb chops!

  • Melinda

    I love gyros! I grew up eating them all the time at my dad’s pizza shop. I absolutely love lamb chops too. Anything with lots of fresh herbs.

  • Corisa

    filet of course!

  • Kimberly P.

    I absolutely love a good lamb chop!

  • Gaby

    arno psito is really the best dish ever!! with roasted potatoes YES

  • Jessica Arnoldy

    Give me lamb anyway and I’m a happy girl…lamb burgers, chops, gyros, love it all!!!

  • Lamb kabobs are my favorites!

  • Kat

    We love lamb chops grilled with rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Just made a lamb stew last week it was delicious. Would like to do something with lamb shanks or a rack of lamb, haven’t done that in quite a long time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Aneesa

    There is a Moroccan lamb tagine I love to make with ginger, turmeric and saffron served on top of couscous. However, I also love to use ground lamb to make mousakka!

  • Kel

    For beef my favorite is the tenderloin. I have only had lamb once!

  • Donelle

    Honestly I think any cut of lamb is good, but a simple lamb chop is amazing!

  • Roxanne Moore

    I love rack of lamb and usually find it irresistable when it is on a menu at a restaurant. I don’t often make lamb at home because of the price, so this would be a great treat!

  • Joanna F

    I love lamb. Spicy merguez sausages are my absolute favorite. But ground spicy tomato lamb in lahmacun, lamb tagine, lamb stew….mmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Carolyn G

    I love Lamb stew

  • Ali

    My favorite cut of beef is ribeye- I’ve never cooked lamb before but I think I should give it a try!

  • Noemi

    I like barbacoa lamb a lot. The family favourites are gyros and shawarma. Daughter actually shouts SHAWARMA!

  • Helen

    I love left over lamb! Cooked in a tomato stew with orzo or just between two slices of bread with mayo! delish!

  • Katie

    I love lamb kabobs with tzatziki sauce!!

  • Nicole

    I LOVE lamb. I like to grill up chops greek-style (lemon, olive oil, salt, oregano, and a hint of mint).

  • Chantal

    Ground lamb tacos!

  • I love lamb chops as well, but I also love to use ground lamb to make gyro meat!

  • Kim Q

    I don’t think I have ever eaten lamb, but my husband loves it! My favorite cut of beef would have to be the NY Strip. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kathy

    I love grilled lamp chops…all they need is some OO and sale and pepper.

  • manda kay

    I like prime rib.

  • Caroline T

    I’m Greek too, and also grew up eating a lot of lamb, especially at my grandparents. My favorite way to eat lamb is as lamb kabobs. My husband isn’t Greek and had never had much lamb, so I love exposing him to new recipes/cuts.

  • Georgann G

    Lamb chops with garlic and fresh ground pepper. Simple , delicious.

  • Kristin

    I had a boyfriend who worked as a butcher….he got me hooked on filets….there’s nothing better!

  • erin

    beef tenderloin! my husband will eat anything lamb… i just want one for a pet!

  • Carol

    I just love lamb chops!