Chicken and Farro Soup


Although I adore anything with pumpkin and apples, my favorite fall foods are definitely soups and stews. Soups have long been my favorite thing to cook because they are so adaptable, easy to make, and are generally fairly healthy, too. Don’t get me wrong, I could eat soup year-round (and often, I do, since the university likes to keep our offices at like 57 degrees) but I don’t make it until the weather starts to get a little cooler.

This soup was actually meant to be a chicken barley soup. I threw it together because I had some carrots and celery leftover from making Italian wedding soup and chicken and dumplings the week prior. But, I realized after I’d already started making it that I didn’t have any barley. Thankfully, I did have (just enough) farro, which worked perfectly. Farro has a very similar texture and taste to barley, but takes just a little less time to cook.

The base of this soup is very similar to chicken noodle, but the mushrooms and farro add a great earthiness. The farro and chicken also make this soup pretty filling, which makes me especially happy since it’s a fairly low calorie soup.

Chicken and Farro Soup

4 thoughts on “Chicken and Farro Soup

  1. I’m right with you on soups and stews. Easy, adaptable, comforting, any time of year. Especially fall, though. (And they don’t even need pumpkin to make them fall, but I’ve added pumpkin to everyday soups, too.) Great combination.

  2. I’m majorly excited for soup season also…I think I eat it once a week come September! The farro must give the soup such a great chew!

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