Baklava French Toast


I posted baklava French toast on my blog a long, long time ago. It got a great response and a few people made versions of it on their own blogs, which made me feel super warm and fuzzy inside since at the time I thought my blog was read by about 7 people.

But the post didn’t really have much of a recipe, just a method. And that’s fine, but the picture was also terrible and I wanted to highlight this again, anyway, because I love it.

The basic premise is taking the nut mixture that is found in baklava and sandwiching it between two pieces of eggy bread. I use tsoureki (still had some frozen from Easter), but challah or brioche will work equally well. After a quick egg/milk bath and getting fried on the griddle, the French toast is then topped with a honey-simple syrup mixture prevalent in a lot of Greek desserts.

This is definitely rich and very sweet, so if you like those kinds of breakfasts, this is totally your thing. It’s a great way to get the flavors of baklava without doing all the work—and it’s a good excuse to eat baklava for breakfast.

Baklava French Toast