One-Pot Creamy Taco Mac


This is another one of those Like-Hamburger-Helper-But-So-Much-Better meals. I’ve made this recipe or one similar to it a few times now. I debated posting it because it’s made its rounds and you’re probably all, “been there, done that.” But, ultimately I decided to share it because it’s a really tasty, family-friendly meal, and the last time I made it I did it all in one pot, which makes it a little easier (with less clean up). This also meant I was able to use some beef broth instead of water for cooking the pasta, so it amped up the flavor a bit, too.

I consulted this ground beef stroganoff recipe to figure out the amount of liquid to use in this. I used a little bit less, and it worked out perfectly. One thing to note, is that if you decide to use beef broth, you’ll probably want to make your own taco seasoning or buy both low sodium broth and taco seasoning to cut down on the salt. I used 4 Tbsp. of pure “taco seasoning” (no salt added) so this is a little bit more robust than buying a store-bought version since a fair amount of that would be salt and not spices.

When using lower fat cheeses, a lean ground beef, and whole wheat noodles, this meal is actually pretty healthy. Another bonus is that the leftovers might be even better – I really had to try not to bust into them at work at 10:00 a.m.


One-Pot Creamy Taco Mac

17 thoughts on “One-Pot Creamy Taco Mac

  1. Hamburger helper was probably the one pre-made type that that my mom never made…thankfully. This is SO not anywhere near hamburger helper though! It’s just cheesy tex-mex deliciousness!

    1. Definitely! I also bet they’d be great added at the very end, sort of like a garnish. I love cool/crisp tomatoes with tacos and Mexican type foods. Also, I’m totally jealous of your tomato surplus.

  2. We had this tonight. My 12-year-old daughter did the bulk of the cooking. It was a huge hit! Thanks for a great recipe.

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