Slowcooker Cuban Pork


I’ve come to realize that I should probably rename my crockpot the “shredded meat maker.” If there is one thing I always feel comfortable cooking in there, and that always turns out well no matter how long I’m gone, it’s shredded meat of some sort, be it for tacos, sandwiches, or Asian dishes.

When I first saw this recipe, I immediately knew it was going to get the crockpot treatment. I really liked the sound of the pork – nice and citrusy with just a small touch of heat (and a little more if you choose to make the chipotle cream).  Plus, I love a nice crunchy counterpart to a crockpot meal, which is obviously not going to have a whole lot of texture. Between the crunchy slaw and citrus flavors in this pork, this is a nice, bright meal, which is not always easy to achieve in a slowcooker.

Plus, the meat is pretty versatile. The first night, we had the pork in a similar way to the original blogger – as tacos, with a crunchy slaw. I froze some of the leftovers and we had the pork a couple weeks later in Cuban quesadilla form – all the ingredients in a Cuban sandwich (yellow mustard, pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese) but in a tortilla instead of a roll. I’m not sure which I liked more!

Update: This is great in these Caribbean bowls in place of the chicken.

Slowcooker Cuban Pork

28 thoughts on “Slowcooker Cuban Pork

  1. This combination of flavors sounds amazing…especially with all the fresh citrus! I love that this uses a roast vs. a shoulder, too. Healthier 🙂

  2. Shredded meat or queso, that is the only thing I really make in my crockpot any more. These look fantastic, especially the slaw.

  3. This is perfect! My husband’s main complaint about crock-pot is no texture. I can’t wait to make these-everything looks delicious!

  4. this sounds like a delicious dinner, and so time efficient! just leave it and come back to your meal already prepared, PLUS you can eat it twice 🙂

  5. That’s really almost all I ever used to use my crockpot for too. So now it gets no use. I love the spices in the meat…such an interesting combination!

  6. Elly, this looks really great. Other than ease of use, my favorite thing about the slow cooker is having juicy, perfect shredded meats in the summer without heating up the house by running the oven all day.

  7. Do you use the peppers and all the sauce in the can for the chipotle cream? Or do you drain the sauce and just use the peppers?

    1. It’s only ONE pepper, not the whole can. I only use the sauce if I want a little extra heat. I don’t wipe it off or anything, but I just take the pepper out of the can and mince it.

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