Caribbean Chicken Bowls


We got back from our mini vacation on a Wednesday, and I decided to take Thursday and Friday off because why not? I have a good amount of PTO this year since my kids are at the age where they don’t really get sick often and have officially fought every daycare/school illness known to man. (I totally just jinxed myself, didn’t I?)

I wish I could tell you I used those 2 days for something really fun and interesting but actually what I did was…organize my pajamas. And stuff like that. Because, I’m old.

But, I did want to make some new stuff while I had the time, and I was thinking about a really delicious sandwich I’d had from the local Caribbean place recently (Caribbean Corner, if you happen to be in the Western Chicago suburbs!), which spurred me to make something Caribbean-y. You can’t really go wrong with bowls because as my 5  year old will tell you, meals are better when they include lots of different things.

These were delicious! There isn’t really anything in here that we don’t eat regularly but they just all go together really well. The chicken has a bright, citrusy marinade (and I reserved some of the marinade that didn’t go on the chicken to drizzle over the top of everything), the beans and rice and comforting are and homey, the plantains sweet with just a tiny bit of spice, and the salad nice and fresh for that crisp counterpoint.

This recipe looks rather…long, but I promise it’s not difficult or terribly time consuming. The chicken can be marinated early in the morning and can cook while your beans and rice cook. You can also chop the salad and pan-fry the plantains during that same time. So, really, however long it takes to make the rice (about 40 minutes) plus a little prep time is how long it will take to make the meal.

You may have a little of the rice/bean mixture leftover depending on how big you make your portions. I am here to tell you it makes a delightful breakfast with an egg and some hot sauce the next morning. 🙂

Caribbean Chicken Bowls

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