Chicken Taco Burgers



I’m always down for a good burger.  They’re easy to make, easy to freeze for future dinners, and quick to cook.  In other words, they’re a busy mom’s nearly perfect dinner.  I often tend to take the flavors of some of my favorite dinners and turn them into burgers, and these are no exception.  As their name would indicate, these burgers were inspired by tacos, and who doesn’t love tacos?  (Obviously, if you’ve paid any attention to thsi blog, you’ve realized there is nothing Mexican or Mexican-inspired that I don’t love).  I decided to stuff these with cheese but obviously you could opt for putting cheese on the top like a standard burger.

These are not only tasty, but are healthy too.  I used reduced fat cheese and light sour cream (which I mixed with adobo sauce for a topping), and stuck these between some lower-carb burger thins.  I used a combination of breast and thigh meat because I just find it to taste better and make for a moister patty.   You can certainly use all breast meat, though, and it will make these even healthier.  We had these with a salad similar to this Santa Fe salad (sans chicken & avocado), which made for a light and tasty meal…and a quick one, too! And the best part is, I have 2 of these patties in the freezer, ready for a quick dinner on a busy night.


Chicken Taco Burgers

24 thoughts on “Chicken Taco Burgers

  1. My favorite thing about chicken or turkey burgers is that they serve as such a great base for all sorts of wild and wacky flavor combos…in a way that beef just can’t. I love some good Mexican food and these burgers seem like such an easy way to satisfy that craving! Love that you stuffed them with cheese…it’s my favorite way to eat a burger.

  2. These look fantastic! Love the flavor combination, especially the addition of adobo! I will definitely be making these next week. If I could I would make all of my meals have Mexican flavors! 🙂

  3. Elly these sound great! As you probably know, I like burgers just about as much as you do. In fact we have chicken tequila burgers (inspired by one of my favorite dishes, naturally) on the menu this week but I just might swap them out for these!

  4. Love the flavours in these chicken burgers and as you say much healthier as well. These would be perfect for my event Creative Concoctions if you would like to link to it.

  5. These were excellent. The only different I did was add some chopped chipotle peppers to make them a little spicier. The sour cream with chipotle was a perfect spread.

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