Chicken Parmesan Burgers


I think  broiling is one of the most underutilized and underappreciated cooking methods out there. I use my broiler about as often as I use my cast iron skillet, which is to say a LOT. It’s such a great alternative to grilling, being that it’s essentially an upside-down gas grill. Even foods without a lot of oil/fat on them get some great charring and color which you certainly wouldn’t get from baking.  It’s great for caramelizing sauces, heats up more quickly than the oven and cooks food more quickly, too. OK, enough for my soliloquy about the broiler. Just promise me you’ll use it a little more, okay?

But now for the segue into this chicken parmesan burger.  I have grown to like ground chicken breast well enough, but sometimes the color is just unappetizing. Cooking it in the broiler (see, segue!) is one way to ensure that it looks as good as it tastes.  Plus, if you add cheese to a burger (and why wouldn’t you?) you can melt the cheese under the broiler, too, making it nice and browned and bubbly. And, you can toast your bread in there, too.

These burgers have the flavors of chicken parmesan, one of Tom’s and my favorite dishes.  I decided to make these rather than chicken parmesan because I had some extra buns to use up and all the ingredients sitting in my fridge. These are a tasty, healthy burger. Of course you can make them with any kind of meat you prefer.


Chicken Parmesan Burgers

  • Elly, these look delicious. I just sent the recipe to my husband and asked if he would like these for dinner tonight. I cannot wait to try this recipe!

  • This recipe looks like so much fun!

  • the first time I saw and put my hands into ground chicken I was kind of grossed out, but after it cooked and turned another color was I ok. LOL
    I love the taste of chicken burgers, so this is a must try recipe.

  • Great idea! I am going to have to try that!

  • I have never cooked with ground chicken but judging by this recipe, I may just have to give it a try.

  • I love this idea Elly to make my chicken burgers more flavourful:D

  • wow they look good. i very recently discovered turkey mince and I am liking it!

    one question: how do you get the calorie content of your foods? i’ve always been curious. let me know!

    • Thanks, everyone!

      Hi Kiki! I use to get the nutritional info. You just stick everything in there and it calculates it for you, which is nice.

  • Erin

    This looks delicious! I also love how they’re not that bad for you 🙂

  • This looks just absolutely lovely. I’m going to definately try it! I’m so glad you post pictures!

    (i will be linking to your blog soon!)

  • Wow! That burger looks amazing to me! I haven’t used ground chicken for fear that it would end up too dry.

  • Ivy

    They don’t sell ground chicken here in Greece but I think it would taste great. Your burgers look delicious.

  • These look so delicious. Its one of my favorite diners. Never thought to use it as a burger! Nice!

  • Annie

    OMG, what a great idea! We would love these in our house. I’m definitely going to make them!

  • These look awesome…can’t wait to try.

  • Looks SO good – I love the mushrooms on top!

  • This is definitely a burger that I would like to get my hands on!!!! I will try this pretty soon. A healthy Burger….kind of a contridiction????

  • petercooks

    What a wonderful way to increase the flavour of ground chicken Elly…the burgers look superb and tasty I bet!

  • So funny…I recently thought to myself “when is the last time I had a pizza burger?” And immediately took that thought to a possible post which I haven’t had the time to do…also haven’t eat the burger yet either. It’s been a long time but I remember it as being delicious.

  • Elly, just wanted to let you know that I made these last night and they were soooo delicious. I used ground turkey breast because I couldn’t find ground all white meat chicken(do they even make that?), but they were so delicious. My husband declared them “a keeper!” Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  • So glad you liked them, Lindsey! They do make ground white meat chicken (or a deli will usually do it for you), or you can just grind it youself from breasts (which I admittedly never do…but I should. 🙂

  • Now, that is my kind of lunch! I love the mushrooms on top, I bet these were delicious!

  • What a great way to use ground chicken. Looks yummy.

  • elizabeth

    mmmm… it looks delicious…I will try it soon

  • What a great idea for a burger!

  • I am kicking myself for all the great posts at your blog that I have missed. Thank heavens I can go back and view.

  • giz

    Now this is what I call taking simple ingredients and making them spectacular. Now you’ve got me craving a burger.

  • These look so tasty! Do you butter your rolls before you toast them? They look so golden brown and delicious!

    • Colleen – I brushed the rolls with just a little bit of garlic butter before broiling them 🙂

  • Elly, this looks so damn good….right down to the side salad. Hope the move is going smoothly.

  • How good do those look? How far into Lent are we–when is Easter again? This blogging bit is killing me this year!

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  • Saffoula in Seattle

    I love this part – “broiling is one of the most underutilized and underappreciated cooking methods out there…. It’s such a great alternative to grilling, being that it’s essentially an upside-down gas grill.” My Yiayia used the broiler a lot and I’m starting to get into it too. I was just telling my husband it is like grilling indoors. Works great on bacon too.

  • Ooh, I have ground chicken in the fridge and was thinking about making some kind of burgers. These sound like a fun change of pace, and I know my husband would LOVE them!

  • Perfect! I love that it’s ground chicken! This is a good idea for a family-friendly dinner for sure.

  • This sounds so so good. I’ve used Parmesan cheese in meatloaf, I’ll have to try it in a burger some time :)!

  • Jen

    Very good burgers! I made my own version tonight and they came out pretty good.

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  • This looks so delicious! I must try!

  • Jessica

    I’m going to make these into chicken meatballs for my toddler. Thanks for the recipe!

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  • These look great! I put them on the menu plan for this week. Can’t wait to try them!

  • I’m going to make these tonight! 🙂

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  • Jennifer

    I made these tonight, they were so good! My husband and I both agree they are keepers. Thanks for the great recipe!

    • So glad you liked them, Jennifer!

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  • I made these with turkey and they turned out great!

  • I tried these recently to switch things up from our usual burgers, and they were great! Thanks 🙂

    • elly

      Glad you enjoyed them, Tracey!

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  • Wendy

    I just have to tell you … I first made these burgers the day after this post went up, and four and a half years later it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I make them at least twice a month, and my mouth starts watering as soon as I write it on my menu. Awesome, awesome recipe!!

    • elly

      That’s great, Wendy! So glad you like them!