Copycat Chipotle Burrito Bols


It isn’t very often that I look to fast food restaurants for cooking inspiration.  I don’t think you’ll really be seeing any recipes on here for Big Macs or Quizno’s sandwiches any time soon. Maybe a frosty, though…

At any rate, I admit I love Chipotle.  Just like any other fast food, though, I rarely eat it. Maybe 2 times a year.  Most of the time I eat fast food, I end up feeling like a giant greaseball afterward and it totally wasn’t worth the many calories I spent. But, I don’t feel that way about Chipotle. From the rice (which I like despite not even liking cilantro!) to the hot salsa, I love it.

If you remember, a few months back I was on a mission to organize my recipes. Well, I did (at least most of them). I put them in a binder, tabbed by main ingredient/course, and have been flipping through it a lot lately, looking for things that could be made on the stove or grill.  I’ve  had this copycat recipe for Chipotle’s chicken marinade saved for a long time, so I decided to make it. I soaked the chilies overnight, made the marinade before work, and Tom threw them on the grill when he got home. I reduced the amount of oil a bit and used dried oregano (because I had it around). Otherwise, everything stayed the same. I COMPLETELY forgot to salt the chicken pre-grilling, though, so don’t make that mistake. We salted it after, and it still tasted great but not quite the same.

I went with brown for the rice to make it a little more healthful. All the copycat recipes for rice I was finding asked that you actually boil the rice in broth and lime juice but I didn’t. I know I’ve seen them add the lime after the rice is cooked, so I went that route.

These were a great way to cure the chipotle craving in a somewhat healthier way.

Copycat Chipotle Burrito Bols