One-Pot Chicken and Lentils



Coming back to work after Thanksgiving break, I made a vow to myself: no more chocolate, random desserts, doughnuts, and the like until Christmas. Then about an hour into my workday, a cookie from our shared snacks area somehow made its way into my my mouth. Sigh.

Being “good” this time of year is hard. I’m coming off a Halloween-candy-and-pie hangover and entering a season of treats, potlucks, and the urge to drink peppermint hot chocolate. And wine.

If you can’t keep your hands off the sweets, what you can do is make good choices for your meals, right? Well, that and exercising, which I do do with regularity, but it’s certainly not as fun as eating (which is probably part of my problem…). This meal will counteract some of December’s inevitable spike in sugar. It’s easy, healthy, and delicious. I feel like we eat a lot more variety in the carb and side department than most people, but I still get sick of the same stuff. Every once in a while I remember, “hey, we all really like lentils! Why do I not make more lentils?” and then, well…I make more lentils.

This is a complete meal made in one pot and is earthy, comforting, and full of protein. We did end up having a salad on the side, but if you want to get a green in there and avoid making something else (even though it’s easy to do so, as 90% of this meal is  hands-off cooking), wilting in some leafy greens at the end would be an excellent choice.

One-Pot Chicken and Lentils