Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Wheat Berries


In 2014 I took over 5 weeks of paid time off. At first mention, that might sound pretty lucky and wonderful, until I tell you that almost none of it was planned or desired. Tom and I took 2 days off to go to NYC. Other than that I literally had 6 hours of personal time all year. The rest was spent largely with a sick toddler.

During Christmas break, we visited my family in Michigan and we visited my in-laws a couple hours south of us. I love seeing our families but travel can be brutal, especially when that same toddler sleeps terribly outside of his own crib. I really enjoyed spending so much time with my kids, husband, and our families while being off work. But by the week after Christmas I was…well, sort of peopled out. And I missed drinking a cup of coffee while it was still hot.

My work was still closed, and the kids’ school wasn’t, so I did what most working moms wish for and most others give you grief for and I sent them in. And I took time alllllll to myself. I did…almost nothing. I played on the internet, read at Starbucks, and cooked. And yes, I did things like organize some papers, laundry, and play Tetris with our playroom storage/new toys (I lost). But it was without distraction.

Anyway, one thing I made it a point to do that morning (besides drink hot coffee) was to have something different for breakfast. Breakfast is important to me, so I never skip it, but I’m also never creative with it. I wanted something warm and filling and different. And this fit the bill perfectly. On top of all those things, it’s healthy, too.

Though I made this on a day I had extra time in the morning, there’s no reason you can’t make this on any old day with a little prep. I cooked the wheat berries the night before and then sauteed the apples and mixed everything in the morning. It didn’t take long, but if you want something even faster I honestly don’t know why this couldn’t be made in its entirety and then just heated briefly in the microwave the next morning. When I make baked oatmeal, I add just a splash or two of milk before reheating, and I would do the same here (before adding toppings).

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Wheat Berries