Chocolate-Dipped Brownie Bites


I meant to post this before the holidays because it’s a really great and easy treat to make and gift to family and friends but, well, stuff (travelingchristmassickkidsbrokenlensesshoppingwork) got in the way. But fear not! Although these were lovely little bites to make for the holidays, they would be equally lovely at your new year’s eve party, perhaps sprinkled with a little silver or gold decorating sugar. Or for your coworkers. Or for yourself, every time you pass the kitchen.

This isn’t much of a “recipe” but it’s an idea for treats that’s pretty easy and seems to be very well-liked by everyone. I mean, how can you not like chocolate dipped in chocolate? You just make a pan of brownies, chill them for a couple hours in the fridge before slicing them, and then dip in melted chocolate. After you’re done you can sprinkle them with decorating sugar or even decorate them with icing. I think these would be adorable with icing used to make bows (like little gift boxes) but I didn’t have the time or the energy.

I was originally going to make these with my favorite brownie recipe, but I ended up just using the Hershey recipe (which is good in its own right) instead. One factor was cost (not having to buy more chocolate and just using cocoa powder, which I already had) and the other was richness. The MS brownies are much fudgier and richer than the Hershey’s (a big reason they are my favorite!) but I figured since they would be dipped in chocolate, I didn’t want them too be TOO rich (a term that honestly has not entered my vocabulary but apparently some people do feel this way and since these were for giving away… :))

Chocolate-Dipped Brownie Bites

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