Hawaiian-Marinated Chicken


Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I’m eating leftover Japanese for lunch, making Greek food for dinner, and posting a Hawaiian chicken marinade on the blog. Keeping it global!

Marinated chicken is definitely one of those “been there, done that, sick of it” meals for a lot of people. I admit I used to make it a fair amount, got sick of it, and then it sort of fell off my radar. (It “helps” that organic chicken breasts cost as much as our mortgage.) But with this weeknight circus we currently have going on, trying to get meals on the table in not nearly enough time, I’ve been bringing it back. I came across this marinade recently and it sounded perfect – so few ingredients, really quick prep, and what sounded like flavorful chicken. I could tell with the ingredients it would be a big hit with all of us, but especially with Zachary. I was right!

It took so little time to get together, which is much appreciated when you’re also trying to get together bottles, kids’ breakfasts, and all your own stuff after the kids go to bed but before collapsing on the couch, maybe making it through a DVRd episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine,  going to bed, and starting it all over again.

We had this with pineapple fried rice (recipe forthcoming) and it worked especially well because the pineapple went into the rice and the juice went into the marinade. I really loved the meal all around, and I can’t wait to make it again.


Hawaiian-Marinated Chicken

6 thoughts on “Hawaiian-Marinated Chicken

  1. I love the bit about keeping it global! That’s how we roll in the 21st century. That marinade does sound super tasty. I love all things pineapple!

  2. The best thing about this recipe is the lack of oil in the marinade. I am always wary of marinades because most of them rely on huge amounts of oil and it adds so many calories.

  3. Yep, I hear you about marinated chicken being overused. But I always like marinates and apparently so does everyone else. That’s way they keep popping up. Plus talking about grilling is so uplifting. YES, grill weather is coming and is actually here for the hardy. Lastly anything that reminds me of Hawaii is a winner.

  4. every time i roll up to the organic chicken at my grocery store i think (or sometimes say out loud) are you f!#%^ing kidding me? when did chicken become a splurge item??

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