Mint Brownie Pie for Pi Day!


Guys! I remembered Pi Day two years in a row! Despite my memory being terrible, I somehow manage to have what Zachary calls “a good mind” regarding chocolate, I guess. And, to make it a two-for-one, I bring you something that is equally festive for St. Patrick’s Day as it is for Pi Day!

I’ll be honest and say that maybe this isn’t really a pie. It’s called a “dessert” on the Taste of Home site, so I took liberty in calling it a pie. I mean, it’s round, so it’s got that going for it. Anyway, it starts with a layer of brownies studded with mint chocolates. Then, there’s a layer of what is basically a white chocolate no-bake cheesecake, also studded with mint chocolates and some peppermint extract for good measure. Finally, it’s topped with a layer of ganache.

If you couldn’t tell, this is not the world’s healthiest dessert. It is, in fact, quiiiite terrible for you. But, that only means it’s really good. 🙂 I actually liked this better on subsequent days than on the day I made this, which surprised me. Tom thought the top layer should have been a little thinner, and I don’t necessarily disagree. Ganache is awesome, but you probably don’t need quite so much. I’m leaving the (not-quite-but-almost) same amount below, though, so you can make up your own mind.

Mint Brownie Pie for Pi Day!

4 thoughts on “Mint Brownie Pie for Pi Day!

  1. I spent most of my thesis year in the university, literally surviving on soda and mint truffles (enrobed in thin layers of chocolate, of course) and your “pie” reminds me of that. And yum.

    Is it weird that I want to stick my face into my computer screen now?

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