Favorite things giveaway: Wusthof cook’s knife {closed}



I’m so excited to be giving away some of my favorite things in the coming weeks, Oprah-style. At first, I wanted to give away the obvious – calypso music and sweater capes.

Nah. 😉 Really, a Wusthof knife immediately came to mind. A Classic cook’s knife is without a doubt my most used tool in the kitchen (so much, in fact, that I treated myself to another one, so I wouldn’t have to wash it between cutting raw meats and vegetables when prepping a meal). It is the knife I grab 99.9% of the time.

Today, Wusthof is giving you the chance to win one of their new Cook’s knife – a 6″ extra-wide. This knife is great. It has the heft of an 8″ blade without being unwieldy. This knife is a great combination of the agility  and ease of control you get from a smaller blade combined with the strength of a larger one. Personally, I’ve always preferred a 6″ blade, anyway, but having the extra width is a definite bonus.


Use the form below to enter for your chance to win. This giveaway will end Thursday, December 19th at 11:59pm EST. And, be sure to check out Wusthof on Facebook and Twitter, if you aren’t already following.

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Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Wusthof. Any and all opinions are my own.

Favorite things giveaway: Wusthof cook’s knife {closed}

  • Tomatoes…they can get pretty messy.

  • Meat, specifically chicken.

  • Elizabeth Ann Herring

    sweet potatoes!

  • Laura Clark

    Onions! This knife won’t help the gasses, but at least it will look oh so pretty cutting those onions.

  • Onions…always onions.

  • Love a trust knife for chopping especially around the holidays….onions here I come!

  • Lisa


  • Anna

    I’ve not especially fond of chopping garlic!

  • Onions. They don’t bug me, but once Mike sees them on the cutting board he can no longer help me in the kitchen because the onions are “killing his eyes” haha. 😉

  • Mirya

    Onions! For sure!

  • I want to enter, but the rafflecopter thing isn’t working (I’ve tried on several browsers) sooo …. hopefully this counts but if it doesn’t, oh well 🙂

    • elly

      Hmm, I don’t know why it’s not working for you, but I just went ahead and entered you under this email address. 🙂

  • Garlic…it’s so small! I’m always afraid of cutting myself.

  • Onions – my eyes water like crazy! But it’s always worth it. 🙂

  • Shewanna

    I love chopping all things! A nice new sharp knife would help this a lot!

  • Stacey

    Onions! They make me cry like a blubbering fool.

  • Vic

    Onions – I cry every time.

  • Jackie

    Pumpkins. For sure!☺

  • I don’t like prepping or chopping butternut squash. The sappy stufff… gets on my hands!

  • Joanna

    Garlic – because it just sticks to everything. I actually like chopping onions; I think my contacts block some of the gas that causes the tears because it doesn’t have much effect on me.

  • Megan N

    Onions! Always tears!

  • Kristin t

    I hate cutting onions!

  • Judi Ahern

    Just starting from Scratch – Lost all of my Kitchen to the other half who doesn’t even cook…

    Left me with Plastic Flatware – lol

    I would put Many Miles On that Knife~~

    Love Your Blog – at least I have My Lap Top 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  • Cheryl Newton

    Onions, obviously.

  • Broccoli. Little bits get all over the place.

  • Melinda

    I hate chopping almods. They seem to launch themselves EVERYWHERE and I spend more time finding the escapees than actually chopping.

  • Meg

    Acorn squash. How do…what the….but…wait….my hands hurt.

  • Gaby

    onions and garlic for sure!

  • Kristen


  • Mushrooms! They are so easy to chop…weird?

  • Kel

    squash – I am afraid I will cut myself

  • Lillie Mae Stone

    Onions — but they taste so good

  • Rachel


  • Urban Wife

    Cauliflower. All those flying crumbly bits. Ugh.

  • Kristi Daugherty

    Butternut squash or spag. squash, awkward and large.

  • Celeste B.

    Butternut Squash — I’m always worried I’m going to cut m yself.

  • Katherine

    Sweet potatoes or hard,big squashes! I’m always afraid I’ll chop off my fingertip.

  • Maureen

    Onions and nuts

  • Onions!

  • Andrea

    Butternut squash is my least favorite, for sure. I’m always so scared I’m going to lose a finger or a toe or something.

  • Ivy


  • Bernadette burch

    I do not like to chop nuts.

  • I hate chopping chocolate, onions, and anything ROUND. Flippin’ ROUND THINGS! And big squashes.

  • brittany


  • Daniela


  • Ilene


  • gina


  • Kim

    i hate chopping garlic!

  • Heather Taylor

    Broccoli and cauliflower. I feel like I always make such a mess!

  • Pumpkins and big hard squash. Once you finally break into it, it gets slippery!

  • Elizabeth


  • Brandie


  • Jenny

    Butternut Squash because it is so hard.

  • Nicole

    Sweet potatoes! I work up a sweat every time!

  • Michelle

    Hmm… It’s a toss up between garlic and ginger.

  • Julianne


  • Marsha Lynne

    Least favorite…tomatoes

  • Meat. No question.

  • libby

    Butternut squash–so hard to cut

  • Marcia

    Onions! I always cry!

  • Sara C.

    Butternut squash for sure.

  • tcmary

    Winter squashes are by far the hardest which makes them so difficult.

  • I hate cutting any type of hard winter squash and sometimes onions are too potent for me to handle without crying.

  • Marie

    Any of the winter squashes. Ugh.

  • Joanna F


  • Jill R.

    Raw chicken. Blech.

  • I hate chopping onions!

  • Least favorite is squash, because of that one time I sliced my finger open.

  • Roxanne Moore

    Butternut squash – I’m just not strong enough, although it is a lot easier with a fancy knife!

  • Liz


  • Millie

    Mincing garlic!

  • Holly B

    Onions, they always make me cry!

  • Debbie Bray



    I hate to chop Jalapeno’s!

  • I loathe chopping onions…it’s a crying shame I tell ya.

  • Carrots – they roll around everywhere, jump off the cutting board and splinter rather than cut cleanly.

  • Kathy Hoey


  • Kay

    Onions do make my eyes water a lot, but despite that, with a very sharp knife anything’s a joy to cut.

  • Alexandra

    Onions! No thanks!

  • Stephanie

    My least favorite thing to prepare is meat… esp if it involves chopping it apart, ie: a whole chicken.

  • Allison A

    I would have to say garlic. Onions are a close second, but I found if you run them under water after peeling, it seems to help the burn.

  • Cindy

    Fresh herbs, especially thyme!

  • I have this knife on my Christmas list! I really hate chopping tomatoes.

  • Leslie Ross

    I absolutely detest spatchcocking a chicken. It’s my favorite way to cook them (they cook so! fast!), but removing all those bones is a pretty quick way for me to hurt myself somehow!

  • Keilah Nettles

    Any melon…cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.

  • Shannon

    I hate chopping garlic and jalapeños!

  • Pat

    big squashes, like butternut. Oh, and rutabagas, they are so hard to cut into!

  • Lindsay

    Galic. It always sticks to the knife.

  • Carolyn

    Definitely onions

  • Well, the one thing I can think of is really hot peppers because I ALWAYS accidentally get them in my eye!

  • Kelly D

    I don’t like to chop garlic or onions

  • I think I’m a total wuss when it comes to onions. I end up with tears streaming down my face!

  • Rebekah C

    Onions. I hate hate hate prepping onions. It hurts my eyes so much.

  • ugh. i hate to chop squashes, especially winter squashes. am i the only one who gets a disgusting coating on my hands? i’ve taken to wearing surgical gloves to avoid it.

    and chicken, though i do it so much i’ve kind of gotten good at it. still not a favorite.

  • TJ

    I hate chopping onions because my eyes water so much!

  • Jacki

    least like chopping peppers- make sure you wear gloves and goggles 🙂

  • Tessa

    butternut squash — I still buy it pre-cut for that very reason!

  • Kristin

    Chicken, it’s always a mess!

  • Kohlrabi! The skin is so hard that I feel like I’m going to slice my finger off in the process!

  • Brandi

    Another vote for onions. I hate, hate, hate chopping onions!

  • Stephanie

    Chilis! I always manage to touch my face after I touch them!

  • Onions! My husband started doing them on Sunday, so much easier to just measure and mix in.

  • Sarah L

    I’m not a very good chopper. It takes me forever! My least favorite thing to prep is meat.

  • Lauren

    Onions 🙂

  • Georgann Ganas

    Butternut squash. It’s so tough to deal with and I’m afraid I’m going to lose a thumb in the process.

  • Kat

    Squash! So tough and drains all my energy whew

  • Marian

    mangos… so slippery plus that pit!

  • Missy

    Jalepenos, the heat never leaves!

  • Nora B

    I really don’t like chopping into winter squash! So tough!

  • Andrianna

    I hate cutting onions!

  • Erin

    onion! the stinging tears start within seconds….

  • Kat

    Another vote for onions, I hate chopping them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I hate chopping garlic because it’s always so sticky. I remember someone giving a trick to make it less so, but I can’t remember what it was.

  • Butternut squash–I’m always afraid I’ll chop my fingers off because it’s so hard to cut through! For whatever reason, onions don’t bother me.

  • Kayla

    Onions. Vomit.

  • Kirsten

    Chocolate chips!

  • Charlotte

    Butternut squash–it leaves such a strange residue on my hands!

  • Anne

    Tomatoes! I think that’s one where you need a really great, sharp knife to do the trick without leaving a total mess.

  • chantal

    I hate chopping and dicing onions. I’m awful at it!

  • Kerry

    Raw meat — ICK!

  • Pam Gurganus

    My least favorite thing to prep/chop is onions!

  • Lynn BB

    Sweet potatoes and winter squash.

  • Andi

    Tough question, because there are so many things I hate to prep – even though I love to cook! Probably my least favorite is raw meat – always trying to shirk that duty of to the hubs. 🙂

  • Carol

    Many say onions, but I don’t like to chop carrots

  • Jackie Gonzales

    Onions…they make me cry every time! UGH!

  • Sarah


  • Garlic is my least favorite thing to chop/prep. And chicken thighs.

  • Becky


  • malerie c

    I love to cut up fresh fruit

  • Colette L.

    I only have one “good” knife, a santoku that needs sharpening. This would be so helpful prepping our favorite chili- lots of onions, garlic, and peppers to chop up1

  • melinda s.

    raw chicken

  • Sandy

    Butternut squash

  • Julie

    raw meat

  • silvia lopes

    Onions (for obvious reasons) and tomatoes (I can never seem to slice them consistently)!

  • Annette

    My least favorite foods to shop/prepare are the large squashes like butternut and spaghetti; they’re so difficult to handle.

  • Christine


  • Nicole