Orange Sesame Noodles with Chicken


In high school and college, I always loved it when midterms and finals were writing papers instead of taking tests. I was never a big fan of tests, but I could write a good paper in no time. I loved writing, and could always do it quite well. So, why in the world am I having such writer’s block lately? I could bang through papers on Russian novelists, sociology, and business ethics, but ask me to write up a few sentences about a tasty Asian noodle dish we had recently and I’m at a loss.

As I approach my seventh (!!) blogiversary, am I just running out of stuff to say? The new neighbor I ran into on the way home yesterday whose ear I talked off would probably argue that I most certainly am not. Sometimes, I feel like there’s more pressure on me because I’ve been posting less, so I feel like my posts needs to be better or something. I don’t know what it is, but I might just have to start writing really random posts that have nothing to do with the meal or sharing things like this great way to solve the debt ceiling crisis.

But, allow me to write a few sentences about this meal since it’s a food blog, after all. We’ve been eating a lot of stir fries and Asian noodle recipes lately, because they’re usually pretty quick and always pretty delicious. This recipe is similar to a standard lo mein, but has orange juice added to the sauce, which works really well and brightens it up a bit. It calls for marinating the chicken, but because I didn’t read-through the recipe before it was time to make it (no wonder I was better at writing than reading in school), I obviously skipped that step, just adding the sauce at the end, which it worked fine. I was perusing my cupboard full of half-eaten boxes of pasta and came across some somen noodles, which I really loved in this recipe. But really, any type of pasta will work, including rice noodles, so use what you have. (Sidebar: a lazy Susan is the WORST cabinet for storing food. The worst.)

Orange Sesame Noodles with Chicken

7 thoughts on “Orange Sesame Noodles with Chicken

  1. Hi Elly! I just wanted to write in (for the first time), and let you know that I have been reading Elly Says Opa for almost two years now, and I always look forward to your recipes. I love reading your stories that go along with them, too (even when you have writer’s block!). I don’t have a blog, and I am not a wiz in the kitchen, but I love attempting to make new things, and they usually turn out pretty awesome. Thanks for helping me feed my family yummy dishes!

  2. Elly, I read for the recipes, so take some pressure off. You needn’t say anything witty – just give me a good recipe 🙂

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