White Chicken Chili



I’ve mentioned before that I tend to keep post drafts for ages in my blog dashboard. Sometimes they’re there because they include a recipe I’m working on that still needs tweaks. Other times it’s because the photos weren’t all that great. Sometimes, I just get flat out lazy. I’ve had a post draft called “Chicken and hominy soup (or my idea of white chicken chili)” sitting there since February 2012. In this particular instance, the pictures were awful and I had a note that the soup needed a little more “oomph.”

Fast forward a year or so later and I came across America’s Test Kitchen’s version of white chicken chili.  It was incredibly similar to the soup I’d created. Like this recipe, I had also used poblano, anaheim, and jalapeño peppers (I know, right? ATK should just hire me already…). In retrospect, I simply didn’t add enough peppers to my version. More peppers = more oomph. (I did add tomatillos to my soup, though, which I don’t necessarily think would be out of place here, either.)

Personally, I always found it a bit strange that white beans are in white chicken chili – not that I don’t love white beans, but I’ve always associated them more with Italian-type dishes. Like the soup I’d previously made, I ended up swapping out the beans for hominy because 1) I love it and 2) I just personally feel like it goes better. Is white chicken chili called white because it’s not red like traditional chili? Or is it called white because of the beans? If it’s the later, I suppose I should change this post title…

The resulting soup is one that is hearty and delicious. It’s not overtly spicy (Zachary had no issues eating this) and the flavors are just so well-rounded. I was so excited to have this as leftovers for a couple of days, which is always a true sign of a recipe’s greatness.  Another good sign is that I can officially move this post out of my drafts, and into my published posts.


White Chicken Chili

3 thoughts on “White Chicken Chili

  1. Hmmm no idea about the white beans v. white sauce debate, but hominy is white also, so I think you’re covered. Looks so hearty! I love all the peppers you’ve thrown in here.

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