Plum Raspberry Sorbet

July 1, 2013 · 18 comments

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I was never a huge fan of ice cream until I dated Tom. It’s not that I didn’t like it, of course, but it just wasn’t my first choice of desserts and I wasn’t one of those people who wanted to eat it all summer long or anything. Tom, however, is definitely one of these people and, for better or worse, now I am, too. I think my love for ice cream and frozen treats has increased exponentially every summer, which makes kicking dairy this time of year a bit of a bummer.

Enter this sorbet. I’ve mentioned before that, somewhat weirdly, I’m a big fan of plums. Most people can take them or leave them, but me? I’ll take them every time. Because of that, I’m really surprised it has taken me so long to make this sorbet. Rest assured, I won’t wait that long to make it again.  This sorbet is pretty much perfect. It’s sweet, it’s tart, it’s creamy. And can we talk about the gorgeous color?!

See the picture below? This is why I wanted to try and get photos during nap time. Didn’t happen. I started snapping a few when Zachary was in the other room and sure enough, he comes out, sees that it’s ice cream, and instantly starts going for it, like I’m not even there. Like nothing is even there, except him and the ice cream. When I shooed him away from the bowl, his hands ended up in the ice cream container. :P

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