Italian-style Sloppy Joes (“Sloppy Giuseppes”)



These popped into my Reader recently, and got made very quickly—quite the feat for most recipes I save (sadly). Whenever a recipe takes less than 20 minutes to make from start to finish, I’m down. Plus, anything with hot peppers or giardiniera catches my attention. I mean, giardiniera is pretty much the only acceptable way to consume cauliflower. Besides, I seem to have atrocious heartburn whether I’m eating hot peppers or the blandest food possible, so I might as well stick with spicy stuff I love so much, right?

At their most basic level, these are sandwiches filled with a thick Italian-style meatsauce. Then,  you top them with provolone and giardiniera to make them a little more special and flavorful. Any sort of roll you want to use will work, really (and I bet these would be really, really awesome with garlic toast). Zachary actually ended up eating his in a pita pocket.

There are no doubt a million variations to suit these to your liking, including different types of cheese or toppings. These were a hit with everyone, particularly me, since they were so quick and easy to prepare.

Italian-style Sloppy Joes (“Sloppy Giuseppes”)

8 thoughts on “Italian-style Sloppy Joes (“Sloppy Giuseppes”)

  1. I can’t believe this wasn’t something my mother ever thought of when we were little because one of the few meals she made that we loved were sloppy joes. Definitely a fun twist on them!

  2. Mmmm, I’m considering putting sloppy joe week on the menu now- I’ve seen Mexican ones lately to! And I hear you on the heartburn, why bother with bland food if it’s just going to make me just as uncomfortable!

  3. I made these tonight – they were amazing! Came together quickly, with way delicious results. I followed the recipe exactly and used bolillo rolls. My husband and I both really liked this meal, and will for sure make it again soon. Thank you!!

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