Bulgur Pilaf


I’ve been making this side dish about once per week for, oh, 5 or 6 years now, so I decided I should probably share it with  you.

I love bulgur and would venture to say it may be my favorite grain for many reasons. It has a slightly nutty flavor, and though it’s similar in size to couscous, has a little more chew and bite. It’s a whole grain that’s incredibly healthy, and takes a mere 15 minutes to make. A cup of cooked bulgur has about 60 fewer calories than brown rice but double the fiber (8g) and a little more protein, too (6g). And, quite honestly, it goes with…pretty much everything.

This is the most simple way I make it, which is just with a little onion and garlic, cooked in chicken broth, and topped with toasted almonds. The reason we have it so frequently (besides how quick it is) is that it’s both incredibly versatile and tasty.

Bulgur is also a great option for making one-dish meals or grain salads, too.



Bulgur Pilaf