Spicy Pork with Asparagus and Chile



This is the last asparagus post of the year. *tear*

While I love, love, love roasted and grilled asparagus, I’m glad I was able to utilize it in a lot of other ways this year, including a fair amount of stir fry type dishes. I have no idea why I’d never really thought to do that before, but it works beautifully. The asparagus retains its gorgeous color and remains crisp, adding a great texture to dishes.

Like most stir fries, this dish is ready in no time. It’ll take you like 3 times as long to cook your brown rice as it will to make this recipe (which is precisely why I started freezing cooked brown rice for easy reheating). But, this is a dish with simple yet bold ingredients – from a spicy chile, to sweet honey, to rich oyster sauce – so it doesn’t necessitate a lengthy cooking time to develop flavor.

I didn’t realize until the end that I was out of green onions, so those didn’t make it on here. I added some chili paste to this to ramp up the heat, and I’ve added that in the ingredients below. You can always leave the recipe as is and just keep a bottle of Sriracha on the table so people can decide whether or not they want to increase the spiciness (by the way, the answer to that conundrum is almost always, “Yes, I would like to increase the spiciness”).

Spicy Pork with Asparagus and Chile