Asparagus Pancetta Hash


I’m sort of in love with this hash. I apologize that it took me until the end of asparagus season to share it with you, but you can blame that on my completely un-methodical approach to the order in which I post recipes.


This dish would be great on a brunch menu, but we had it for dinner and it was pretty fabulous then, too. It’s easy and fairly quick, and when you top it with an egg for some added protein, you have a full meal. I fried the eggs in a separate pan, but you could just as easily make a few small wells in the hash and cook them in the same pan. The potatoes are cooked in the fat rendered from the pancetta, so they have all this pancetta-y goodness. The asparagus is a great counterbalance; it stays fresh and crisp and green, so the hash doesn’t feel too heavy (or too bad for you).

I do sort of wish I would have added a little goat cheese, too, but there are few times I don’t feel that way.

Zachary is generally a good eater and not all that picky, but ever since he started solids he has never, ever liked eggs. He is also not a fan of white potatoes unless they are in french fry form. So, I gave him a different meal that night, but, like always, put some of this on his plate in hopes he’d change his mind. He wanted nothing to do with the potatoes or eggs of course, but he asked me for more “pargus” 4 times. Don’t worry, though, I’m totally not bragging on my kid’s great eating because a few days later we had asparagus again and he treated it as though I was trying to feed him rat poison.

Asparagus Pancetta Hash

10 thoughts on “Asparagus Pancetta Hash

  1. I have one more asparagus recipe in the pipes also, so don’t feel bad about sharing it so late! I love a good hash…it’s always so salty and potato-y. Mmm. My favorites.

  2. I’ve had my eye on this recipe for a while so it’s great to know that you guys loved it. Guess I’ll wait until next spring though. :-/

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