Meatless Monday: Southwestern Farro Salad


Bringing lunches to work can be tough. I enjoy dinner leftovers, so on the days I have those, I’m golden. But, I only cook dinner with leftovers maybe 1-2 times per week. The remaining days, I have to buy lunch (which I usually try to limit to once a week), or figure something else out. And I am so NOT a sandwich girl. I mean, I can be a sandwich girl…if the sandwich has a lot of stuff on it, like cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, etc. and the bread is toasted. If I were to make that sandwich in the morning, it would be a soggy mess by lunch time.

In the spring and summer particularly, I enjoy grain salads. I usually take my lunch hour to walk (or go to the gym, when I’m feeling extra motivated) and then sit down to eat and work when I get back. Grain salads are great for that purpose because 9 out of 10 times, the last thing I want after walking around for an hour in 90 degree temps is to heat something up for lunch.

Farro is a fantastic whole grain that doesn’t get enough love. We’re currently in the middle of a quinoa lovefest (which is cool, since quinoa is pretty awesome, too), and farro is the wallflower in the background which surely everyone would love if they just give it a chance. Farro, to me, is reminiscent of barley, both in its nutty taste and chewy texture. It’s a bit more convenient, though, since it takes less time to cook.

It should be no surprise to you that this salad has the southwestern ingredients I clearly love. (For the record, I did make a  Greek brown rice salad the following week, though.) It’s vegetarian, but still has protein from the farro and beans, and both do wonders for keeping you full, too.

I’ve seen a lot of recipes where the farro is soaked, but I’ve never done it myself, and I’ve not experienced any ill effects. Normally I cook farro in the same way I do white rice, but this time I decided to make it the same way I make brown rice, and it worked beautifully.

A random note: I started adding our weekly menu plan to the sidebar of my blog last week. I’ll try my best to keep it updated, and hope it gives you some ideas!

Meatless Monday: Southwestern Farro Salad