Meatless Monday: Cannellini Bean Salad



Sometimes, I think my kid is really weird. And I don’t mean the fact that he had an entire conversation with his chicken at dinner the other night (“Hi chicken. How you?  You have good day? You have fun?”) or that he thinks brushing his teeth is the sincerest form of torture. I mean things like me deciding to treat the child who only drinks water and milk to a strawberry smoothie one day last week, only to have him declare it “too sour” and ask for his water instead. Weird, right? Or, how about the entire week he recently spent asking me to eat beans. Like, for snacks and even for breakfast. WEIRD.

It turns out, we are a family of bean lovers. I never would have believed it, had you told me this in my formative years, when I was sure I hated beans. Now, I make them all the time, and no one here complains about it.

I’d been wanting to make a cannellini bean salad for a while, and finally put it on the menu recently. I originally had a different recipe in mind, but after having some random odds and ends leftover from other meals during the week, this recipe won out since I was able to use them all.

The original recipe calls for basil, which would be great, but I didn’t have any so I used a little fresh rosemary instead. My husband, who ended up being gone the evening we had this with dinner, emailed me the next day when he had the leftovers. He told me his lunch was great and the salad had a good balance of basil and oil. I replied, “There’s no basil in the salad.” And he said, “Are you sure? What’s the green stuff, then?” “Spinach.” See, it’s easy for me to stay humble about my cooking, even when my husband raves about it, because of his…erm…sophisticated palate.

Meatless Monday: Cannellini Bean Salad