Honey-Yogurt Waffles



I mentioned briefly in the menu planning post that breakfast for dinner is a good option for nights where you’re short on time. Breakfast for dinner used to be a rarity, but now it happens more like once every two weeks. In addition to being on the table quickly, most breakfast options are also very budget-friendly. Win-win.

Now, normally, I’m a savory breakfast kinda girl. I prefer things like omelets, chilaquiles, hash, and the like. I do like pancakes and waffles, though (who doesn’t?). Truth be told, if I could have it my way, every breakfast you eat at a restaurant would come with 1 pancake instead of toast. That way, you get to have something sweet at the end, but you still get your savory breakfast. Are you listening to me, diners across America?

But, I digress. We have occasionally been having sweeter options for dinners. They’re just quicker, and I always have the ingredients on hand.  Plus, I feel a little better about the homemade version to their restaurant counterparts, since they tend to be a little healthier and we balance them with some turkey sausage for protein. (OK, or bacon.) And Zachary? Well, he’s certainly never going to complain about pancakes or waffles any time of day, especially when they are served with fruit (his second favorite food group, after peanut butter, which is definitely a food group to him).

These waffles use honey for sweetener and a fair amount of whole wheat flour. I actually switched the ratio so the whole wheat proportion was higher than the enriched, and it worked beautifully. In fact, I’ll probably increase it even more the next time around. These waffles are a bit softer than most (due to the yogurt, I’m guessing) but we didn’t mind. I threw a leftover one in the toaster the following morning, and it crisped up just like any other waffle would.

Honey-Yogurt Waffles