Key Lime Yogurt Cake with Coconut


I’ve mentioned many times my adoration for anything lime-flavored. Whether it’s a pie, curd, cheesecake, beverage, or Sour Patch Kid, I’m going to love it. That’s all there is to it.

A friend of mine recently picked up an extra bag of key limes, and I definitely didn’t have a problem taking them off her hands (especially when the exchange happened during a brunch meeting that involved chorizo/jalapeno/egg/potato hash, thankyouverymuch).

This cake (or bread, if  you want to make it sound a little healthier) is inspired by Ina Garten’s lemon yogurt cake, which I’ve made a few times in various forms. While the cake is not exactly going to be featured in any healthy eating magazines any time soon, it is a less horrible for you than other things I could have made with the key limes. Plus, I adapted the recipe to make it a little lighter by using nonfat Greek yogurt, canola oil, reducing the sugar by a smidge, and eliminating the glaze altogether (personally I think it’s sweet enough with the citrus-sugar mixture that gets poured over the top).

I had some shredded coconut in my freezer, which was a welcome addition to this cake…a cake I freaking loved, by the way. The yogurt and lime syrup make this extremely moist, and the key limes have a tangy, robust flavor. Plus, toasted coconut is awesome. Always.


Key Lime Yogurt Cake with Coconut