(Chicken) Sausage Subs


…or hoagies, or grinders, or whatever it is you call stuff between thick, oblong bread.

I do fairly well with meal planning every week, but around day 5 it often starts to unravel. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother planning a meal for Friday because, inevitably, something didn’t get made and will get pushed to that day, or I’ll just cook something from the pantry/fridge/freezer to use up extras.

This particular week was a bit of a mess because in addition to not cooking on a day I was supposed to, I also ended up having to use the only chicken I had in the freezer for Monday’s meal, after realizing the chicken I had just¬†bought for that meal the day prior smelled…off.

The only thing of substance I really had on my fridge the night we had these subs was chicken sausage. Oh, and mushrooms because I completely forgot to add them to a dish they were supposed to be in the night before. Oops. (Yeah, this week was not so great, huh?) I started looking around for other ingredients, and we had 2 leftover rolls from Italian beef earlier in the week and half a block of mozzarella in the fridge. Definitely the makings of sausage subs. Trader Joe’s frozen tricolored peppers and a trusty can of fire-roasted tomatoes also came in quite handy.

Now, obviously you can just stick the whole sausage link on a bun and eat it that way, but where’s the fun (or mess) in that? ūüôā Tom and I ¬†both really loved these, which is not particularly surprising considering they contain both bread and cheese. I used chicken sausage, part-skim mozzarella, and a minimal amount of oil, so these were actually fairly healthy, too (especially when paired with a salad).

We made two (overstuffed) subs with these, but I’m typing the recipe for four, since some of the ingredient amounts are easier that way.

(Chicken) Sausage Subs