(Chicken) Sausage Subs


…or hoagies, or grinders, or whatever it is you call stuff between thick, oblong bread.

I do fairly well with meal planning every week, but around day 5 it often starts to unravel. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother planning a meal for Friday because, inevitably, something didn’t get made and will get pushed to that day, or I’ll just cook something from the pantry/fridge/freezer to use up extras.

This particular week was a bit of a mess because in addition to not cooking on a day I was supposed to, I also ended up having to use the only chicken I had in the freezer for Monday’s meal, after realizing the chicken I had just bought for that meal the day prior smelled…off.

The only thing of substance I really had on my fridge the night we had these subs was chicken sausage. Oh, and mushrooms because I completely forgot to add them to a dish they were supposed to be in the night before. Oops. (Yeah, this week was not so great, huh?) I started looking around for other ingredients, and we had 2 leftover rolls from Italian beef earlier in the week and half a block of mozzarella in the fridge. Definitely the makings of sausage subs. Trader Joe’s frozen tricolored peppers and a trusty can of fire-roasted tomatoes also came in quite handy.

Now, obviously you can just stick the whole sausage link on a bun and eat it that way, but where’s the fun (or mess) in that? 🙂 Tom and I  both really loved these, which is not particularly surprising considering they contain both bread and cheese. I used chicken sausage, part-skim mozzarella, and a minimal amount of oil, so these were actually fairly healthy, too (especially when paired with a salad).

We made two (overstuffed) subs with these, but I’m typing the recipe for four, since some of the ingredient amounts are easier that way.

(Chicken) Sausage Subs

13 thoughts on “(Chicken) Sausage Subs

  1. Subs, hoagies, or grinders are all new words to me, as we would probably call this a sandwich in Greece but sounds delicious whatever it is called.

  2. Hmmm see on crazy nights like that, I just end up ordering sushi. Maybe i’d make more delicious sandwiches if I didn’t!

    I always have vegetarian sausage in the fridge “just-in-case”. I’m thinking the Italian one would be perfect in these!

  3. That’s a great picture of your sub! I wanted to make it as soon as I saw the picture. This might just be on the menu for next week, minus the mushrooms on hubby’s sandwich. Sorry the week was a bit off. Don’t you hate it when you have an ingredient all purchased and ready and then forget to add it to the dish. Then it’s always while you’re eating the dish that you think ‘oh, I forgot that’. Thank you for the meal idea!!

  4. I wish I could say I’m good at planning my weekly dinners… But I usually end up doing every day what you do on Fridays, hehe.

    Beautiful sub!

  5. We always keep chicken sausage around for busy nights too! These look just delicious 🙂

    On Thursday nights, I also like to have breakfast for dinner because it requires no planning!

  6. I made this last night. Very good!!! I made the full recipe, enough for 4 subs, so we can have leftovers tonight. It will appear our weekly menu again for sure. Thanks!

  7. I think I saw this and it subconsciously prompted me to make this meal for my boyfriend and roommate last weekend! I used chipotle chicken sausage, topped it on the rolls with sauteed onion and red and yellow pepper, and some cheddar cheese. Yum! Everyone enjoyed it. I served it with a cold cucumber salad.

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