Spicy Asian Chicken with Brussels Sprouts


I’m on a serious roll making things from the “recipes-I-saved-a-million-years-ago” binder that has previously been collecting dust on top of my fridge. Although, I must say, I think I had originally torn out this page from Real Simple magazine because of a different recipe on the page. It’s funny how your tastes change, because this recipe sounded way more appealing to me than the other one.

Brussels sprouts may seem like an odd choice in an Asian dish but they really make a lot of sense. I mean, they are part of the cabbage family and cabbage is obviously quite common in Asian cooking. And I’m a firm believer that brussels sprouts just don’t get enough love. (Roast them at a high heat with some olive oil and salt and pepper, and then tell me you don’t like them).

This dish cooks up in no time, is easy to make, and healthy, too. And did I mention I really liked it? Because I really did. Though, I’ve determined that, despite living by and frequenting several types of markets,  I can never find small red chilies except at Whole Foods. I was too lazy to go to Whole Foods, so I just used my trusty jar of Sambal Oelek. The nice thing about that is you can make this as spicy as you want, based on your preferences and how much you add.

Between the ease of prep and the flavor (which I, personally, enjoy with a bit of heat), this will definitely be a repeat in our house.

Spicy Asian Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

23 thoughts on “Spicy Asian Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

  1. I have one of those folders too – recipes saved from like 2 years ago 🙂 I never seem to be amazed by them, so I’m not sure what takes me so long to make them!

    This looks great. I agree about brussel sprouts. Roasted there can be no way not to like them.

  2. Yeah this looks great and I have every ingredient on hand (except the chicken). Of course, I will be using sambal oelek instead of chiles as well.

  3. You are 100% right that brussels sprouts don’t get enough love! they’re a winter favorite of mine. I’ve never thought to pair them with asian flavors, but you’re right…it does make sense.

  4. This looks really good. I’ve just found your site and see all kinds of great recipes to try. I’m in need of some inspiration, though, like you I have a (very hefty) folder of “to try” recipes that I’ve had for quite some time. I think maybe I’ve looked at them so many times, they’ve become tired already. Thanks for giving me a push and this great Asian dish.

  5. Yum, this is definitely going on our menu at home soon! I am completely with you about brussells sprouts too! My hubby swore he hated them until I roasted some for him…he’s been hooked ever since.

  6. This was wonderful! I made a couple of changes. The first was by accident – I grabbed turmeric root instead of ginger at the co op. The flavor was still fabulous, though, and I don’t like ginger very much, so this is a change I will keep on with. I couldn’t find a red chili and didn’t want to make the trip out to Whole Foods, so I used red chili infused olive oil that I had in the pantry in place of the olive oil used for sauteeing. I would love to use a red chili next time around, though. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was looking for something Asian inspired to make last Monday in “honor” of Chinese New Year and this was exactly the right choice! I subbed in some chili-garlic sauce that I had in the pantry for the fresh chili and it was absolutely wonderful! One of my friends, who is vegan, was intrigued when I told her about it and she made it last week also, subbing tofu for chicken. She said that she and her teenage son devoured it. A hit all around! Thank you for a wonderful meal!

  8. I would never think to combine brussels sprouts and chicken in a dish but I can see your point. Will have to try this as I too love brussels sprouts – though lately I’ve been eating them roasted with sliced almonds and then tossed with Gorgonzola – so good. Like you I can’t find the small red chili pepper anywhere but Whole Foods or Asian markets!

  9. I just made this and it is awesome! I used asparagus and some yellow bell pepper instead of brussels sprouts because that’s what I had on hand, but I still want to try it with the brussels sprouts. I also skipped the step of dredging the chicken in egg and cornstarch and just added a little cornstarch slurry to the sauce. Thanks for a great recipe!

      1. Oddly enough (and knocking on wood) I’ve had a reprieve from heartburn in the last few days. Maybe she’s dropped?! I’m all about the spicy food right now, I actually topped mine with sriracha for extra spice!

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