Baked Oven Fries


I love potatoes. LOVE. Who doesn’t? That said, I don’t make them very often. We usually have some sort of complex carb for dinner instead (bulgur, farro, etc.), and I find myself rarely thinking of using potatoes these days, unless I’m making some sort of hash or using sweet potatoes (since I only discovered I liked them in the last year or two). Even when we have burgers for dinner, we usually have them with a salad because I don’t like to have two different carbs, and the burgers already have a bun (well, it’s not that I don’t like to, it’s that I probably shouldn’t).

I made these oven fries a while back and we both loved them. I wouldn’t classify them as healthy (though they are better for you than their fried counterparts), but they really aren’t too bad, given the amount they make. I reduced the oil on the baking sheet by a bit the second time I made them, too, and it was totally fine.

These potatoes cook fairly quickly, because they are soaked in hot water first, and then cooked with tightly covered foil, before being uncovered and finishing up. They are roasted at a really high temperature, which makes them nice and crispy, and definitely better than any other baked fry I’ve attempted to make previously.

Tom and I deemed this dinner Iron Chef: Oil. With these fries, we also had skirt steak with chimichurri, and green beans roasted with oil, salt and pepper. I’m pretty sure our cuisine would have reigned supreme in this battle.

Baked Oven Fries

8 thoughts on “Baked Oven Fries

  1. A much healthier way of eating potatoes. I made them often wrapped in aluminium foil but with Greek flavours and of course extra virgin olive oil.

  2. I’m always trying to find the ultimate baked fry and I’ve never heard of this soaking method. Perhaps it’s the key?

    I’m with you on the no double carbs. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

  3. I’m the same way with potatoes! Just last night I made a hash with several different ingredients, but I just picking out the potatoes, haha. I’m saving this recipe – they look great!

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