Meatless Monday: Tortilla and Black Bean Pie



I get that whole wheat and “natural” products cost more. I don’t like it, but I get it. Once, I was in a grocery store and wanted to buy a bottle of iced tea. The unsweetened kind (aka the one that has tea leaves and citric acid) cost $0.40 more than the sweetened kind (which has like 10 ingredients). They were the same brand, of course.

Grumble grumble.

Brown rice? Costs more than white. Whole wheat bread? Costs more than the enriched kind, even though the “enrichments” add like 50 ingredients.

But what really kills me is when the product is not only more expensive, but smaller, too.  For the love of God why is it SO HARD to find a box of whole wheat pasta that weighs a pound? I am sick of this 12.5 and 13.5 oz. bullshit. If you’re going to charge me extra, fine, but can you at least give me the same amount? Have you ever seen a recipe that calls for 13.5 oz. of pasta? NO.

This time, though, those puny “large” tortillas made with whole wheat were actually beneficial. You see, with a 10 inch tortilla, you need to trim it to fit a springform pan. But with one that’s only about 8.5″ if you’re measuring generously? No trimming necessary. I’ll just pretend the extra money I spent on them was a trade-off for my time.



I realized just as I was about to make this that I didn’t  have anywhere near the amount of corn called for (honestly, I just assume I always have at least 1 full bag of corn in the freezer. My bad.) I ended up using what I had (about 1 scant cup) and then added about another cup of frozen tricolored peppers.  I would just make it this way again next time, because it adds some more flavor (and color) and also cuts down a bit on the starchiness of this dish, which already has the tortillas, beans, and corn.

This is a filling dish that’s just a bit different from your standard “Mexican lasagna” (or “enchilada brick” as Tom so hilariously refers to it). It’s easy to make and fairly quick, especially if you make the bean mixture ahead of time.

(By the way, if you live in IL, or want to order online, check out Majave habanero hot sauce. It’s quickly become one of my favorites!)


Meatless Monday: Tortilla and Black Bean Pie