Short Ribs in Chipotle and Green Chili Sauce


This is the best dish I’ve made in a long time.

Sometimes when you’re a food blogger, it’s difficult to get across to  your readers how much you love a recipe. This is problematic for me in a couple ways including the fact that I totally overuse the word “delicious” (not that the foods I post aren’t delicious, I just have a really bad habit of using that word entirely too often – proof I could never be a food writer), and the fact that I don’t blog things I dislike so, in turn, I’m always talking about how much we liked xyz food.

But I knew after my first bite of this that it would end up on my “best of 2011” round up at the end of the year.

Now, I’m a total sucker for short ribs. If I go out to dinner and a short rib is on the menu, there is approximately a 97% chance I’ll order it (the remaining 3% is reserved for lamb or duck dishes that just sound too good to pass up). We received a bunch of peppers in our CSA a couple weeks ago, and I was looking for something different to do with them. As soon as I saw this recipe, it went straight to the top of the following week’s meal plan. (In case you didn’t know, I kinda-sorta like peppers, too.)

I ended up putting this in the oven a little longer than the recipe noted (I was home so, why not?) and besides that, the only other change I made was to add the Anaheim peppers earlier than the final 10 minutes of cooking time. We had this with creamy polenta studded with roasted corn, and, as Mary Poppins would say, this meal was “practically perfect in every way.”

I only made half this recipe, but I’m going to post it in its entirety. Short ribs only get better with time, so there’s no reason not to make twice as much as you need, anyway, and enjoy a really awesome lunch the next day.

Because, this dish is delicious! Oh, crap, I did it again.

Short Ribs in Chipotle and Green Chili Sauce

22 thoughts on “Short Ribs in Chipotle and Green Chili Sauce

  1. Just by looking at this list of ingredients, I could tell that it would be amazing. I kinda feel that way about anything with chipotles though 😛

    I totally know what you mean about needing to find a way to discriminate between “delicious” and OMG WOW good. I’ve yet to figure out a solution.

  2. Oh, wow. Looking at the picture and reading the ingredient list, this really does sound perfect. Saving this one for sure – thanks!

    I know exactly what you mean about being unable to say how perfect/great/etc. a recipe is when you love it so much versus just loving it a normal amount. haha. And that same thought always runs through my head when I have a truly great meal – “Oh, this one is going on my ‘best of’ list for sure!” 🙂

  3. Every. single. ingredient. in this dish ranks in Michael’s favorites. I know exactly what I’m making him for his next big win (hopefully the case we’re STILL waiting on). Thank you so much for posting this.

  4. I think your picture conveys really well how delicious this dish is. It’s soon going to be lunchtime over here, and you’ve just doubled my hunger — I wish I had all the ingredients to make it right away! Guess I will have to wait till this weekend though 🙁

    PS: I too have a problem with overusing the word “delicious”. But I think there are too many great recipes in this world and not enough synonyms/analogies/… to explain their wonderful taste.

  5. haha – it’s just like when someone asks “what’s your favorite recipe on your blog?” So hard to pick, because like you, I like them all and have no desire to blog about things I don’t like! But it sounds like you’ve found one of your front runners. I think it’s adarn good choice 🙂

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  7. I’m making this today! Am I totally crazy or is there no printer friendly button? I can see it in some of your posts, but not all. Please let me know! It’s making me crazy…

    1. Hi Lia. You’re not crazy! I’ve historically only added printer options for original recipes (since most recipe sites have them already) but I’ve been planning on implementing them for all posts – just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Hope you like the short ribs!

      1. Ah, okay that explanation makes me feel way better, hehe.

        The short ribs were delicious. I think my only complaint is how oily they were. I had a hard time spooning off the the fat. Is there a trick to it?

        1. Lia, I find making them the day before really helps because after they’ve chilled, it’s really easy to scrape the fat off the top. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of advice other than letting the stew sit for 10ish minutes to make the fat rise to the surface a bit more.

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