Chicken Saltimbocca

September 19, 2011 · 10 comments

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I’ve made this dish, with both chicken and veal, many a time, but somehow it’s never made its way onto the blog. It had been a really long time since we’d had saltimbocca, and I had some sage to use up, so it was the first dish that came to my mind.

“Saltimbocca” is Italian for “jumps in the mouth.” It’s traditionally veal, but can also be made with chicken, and I’ve even made it with pork tenderloin cutlets. The thin-cut meat is dredged in flour, topped with sage and prosciutto, and cooked in the skillet. Then, a simple pan sauce is made from wine. It’s incredibly easy to prepare and fast to make. Cutlets only take about 2-3 minutes to cook per side, so it’s likely that your side dishes (mashed potatoes and summer squash, in our case) will take longer to make than the chicken. The result is a dish that is incredibly flavorful. It has a nice salty bite from the crisped-up prosciutto, herbaciousiness¬†from the sage leaves, and a little bit of sweetness from the vermouth pan sauce.

Before I started using this recipe, I always left the sage leaves whole under the prosciutto, which worked fine, but could sometimes turn out to be a little too sage-y. This method of chopping the sage not only makes sure you have a tiny bit in every bite, but it’s also not overpowering. There is also the optional step of quickly frying off a few sage leaves in the oil in the beginning. I like to do this (and also add a clove of garlic) because it gives a little extra sage flavor to the completed dish and, of course, you have some pretty garnishes.


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