Pumpkin-Date-Apple-Nut Bread or Autumn Loaf or Some Other Name That’s Not Coming To Me


The other day, my friend Jonathan tweeted, “One more post about pumpkin spice lattes, and I will get a job at Starbucks just so I can spit in every pumpkin spice latte I make.” Despite being a PSL (surely it needs its own acronym) fan, this quite literally made me LOL. As soon as Starbucks started offering them, every other Facebook and Twitter post was about them.

And then, seemingly, as soon as the temps dipped below 80, every blog was posting something containing pumpkin.

If you are already over pumpkin (please don’t be, it’s only September), you may want to avert your eyes. But, if  you want a tasty, healthy quickbread that also includes other autumnal favorites like apples and dates, then stay a bit.

Originally, I intended on making a date nut bread to use up some dried dates that had been sitting in my cabinet for too long. However, none of the date bread recipes looked good to me, for one reason or another. Most of the time, they were just really unhealthy and didn’t lend themselves especially well to substitutions. I am a person who uses all the full fat, calorie-laden ingredients when making desserts, but I’m not one who does that for breakfast. I just can’t justify it, and neither can my metabolism, which is slower than molasses. You will rarely see me make a muffin or quickbread that has a ton of butter, sugar, oil, etc. in it, and this one is no different.

Quickbreads/muffins are the one baking thing I feel very comfortable with, in terms of making up my own recipes. I’ve been doing this for several years  now, and it’s really all about ratios. I used a few of my old muffin recipes as springboards and came up with the loaf below. I decided to add the pumpkin not only because it’s Fall, but because it keeps baked goods incredibly moist, and you can cut down on the amount of butter and/or oil quite a bit (sort of like substituting applesauce). The loaf is also studded with apples and walnuts, which I really enjoy in quickbreads. I loved the way this bread turned out, and I hope you’ll try it!


Pumpkin-Date-Apple-Nut Bread or Autumn Loaf or Some Other Name That’s Not Coming To Me