Greek Nachos



I got the idea for these Greek nachos from Mark Bittman about a bazillion years ago, but I finally got around to making them recently.  I’m definitely not new to incorporating Mediterranean flavors in traditionally non-Mediterranean dishes, so these were right up my alley.

In this nacho rendition, tortilla chips are replaced with baked pita triangles, taco-flavored ground beef is replaced by Greek-flavored ground lamb, tzatziki takes the place of sour cream, and a healthy dosing of Greek salsa is added to the top in lieu of traditional salsa.

These nachos do have multiple components, but they are all pretty quick to put together. The tzatziki can be made ahead of time, as can the salsa if you want, and you can make lamb mixture as you’re baking the chips.

This is a great twist on traditional nachos. I just love the crispy pita chips with the cool, crisp salsa and of course the super garlicky tzatziki that will make you worry about your breath for days. 🙂



Greek Nachos

20 thoughts on “Greek Nachos

  1. Elly, love this one! I could just taste all the Mexican flavors swapping out to the Greek ones as you listed your substitutes. And your Greek salsa is killer! Can’t wait to try it all.

  2. These look awesome! Lamb is on my cooking bucket list. I really need to give it a shot already! The Greek Salsa looks amazing, too! I’ve got beets on hand!

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